Sunday, January 18, 2015

Queen Elsa inspired Makeup Look x

Over christmas I used this look quite a bit and thought it was a great Queen Elsa from frozen inspired look so I thought I'd talk you through the steps so you can recreate this look at home. 

You will need:
Primer (Benefit Porefessional)
Foundation (Rimmel Match Perfection)
Concealer (Rimmel Wake me up)
Powder (Rimmel Stay Matte Powder)
Bronzer (benefit hoola bronzer)
Purple toned blush (Benefit Rockateur)
Highlighter (What's up by benefit) 
Expert Face Brush by Real Techniques
Powder Brush by Real Techniques
Blush Brush by Real Techniques 
Mac 129SE (Powder type brush)
Mac 190SE (forgot to put it in the image above but it is a pointed foundation brush)

1- apply the primer to the areas of the face where foundation normally comes off this will help your makeup last longer 
2- apply the foundation using the mac 190SE brush and then buff into the skin using the real techniques expert face brush
3- apply concealer under the eyes and on any red/blemished areas with the expert face brush
4- set the foundation and concealer using the real techniques powder brush and the Rimmel stay matte powder
5- contour the cheeks by sweeping hoola bronzer in a 3 motion on the temples, hollows of the cheeks and jaw line using the mac 129SE
6- sweep the rockateur blush across the apples of your cheeks using the real techniques blush brush
7- apply the what's up highlighter to the cheek bones using the brush that comes with it to add a subtle shine. 

Eyes, lips and Brows-
You will need:
Pink/Purple shade and silver eyeshadow (sleek vintage romance palette)
Brow Products (Brow's that from 17 and more brow by model co)
Eye primer (Absolute New York eyeshadow primer)
eyeliner pencil (makeup gallery kohl me beautiful)
liquid eyeliner (miss sporty liquid eyeliner)
Mascara (tart lights camera flashes mascara, benefit bad gal lash)
liquid highlighter (mememe beat the blues)
Pink/purple Lip tint (rimmel keep calm and party)
Face glitter (stargazer gel glitter)
Ear buds in case you mess up
Mac 213SE (shadow brush)
Mac 224SE (blending brush)
Mac 209SE (fine liner brush)
barry m eyeliner brush 

1- apply the 17 brows that kit to the brows and set in place with the model co more brow gel (skip this step if you don't normally do your brows) 
2- Apply the mememe highlighter under the brow bone and in the inner corners of the eyes 
1- use Absolute New york eye shadow primer to create a base for your eyeshadow 
2- Take the shade marry in monte carlo (pink/purple) and sweep it across the lids using the mac 213SE brush and then blend out using the mac 224SE
3- Take the shade pretty in paris (silver) in the inner corners 
4- Apply the glitter to the outer corners using the barry m brush
5- Tight line the top lid using the eyeliner pencil
6- take the liquid liner across the top of the lid to create a small flick using mac 209SE
7- add mascara and then your eyes are done 
8- OPTIONAL you could add false lashes for a greater effect
1- apply the rimmel keep calm and party lip balm to add a pink tint to your lips

Hair and Outfit-
you will need:
hair brush

1- Using the grips to secure hair put your hair into a side fishtail braid. 
2- mess it up a bit and pull bits out to frame the face
3- OPTIONAL add hair glitter or diamante clips slotted into the braid
4- wear a blue or white dress to symbolise iciness then hey presto your queen elsa

The Final Result:

I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial and hopefully I'll do more in the future 
Meg x