Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Weekend Break in York x

Over the Christmas Holidays I worked what can only be described as being a hell of a lot of hours to get some extra funds for this semester. One of the things I said I'd do with some of the money was to visit my friends at other universities.
My best friend Roz currently studies English and Education at York University and so I thought I'd pay her a visit and do a little blog post about my trip.

I set off on the friday and caught the 13:07 train to york from Manchester Oxford Station. After a rather pleasant 1 1/2 hour ride I stepped off the platform where I saw my friend grinning from ear to ear. We went for a coffee before going back to her flat to bake some cookies. One thing I did notice about york is just how pretty it is. Its a lot quieter than manchester but the scenery is just beautiful.

That night me, roz and her flat mates went out to the stone roses bar and the duchess which is a night club in York. We danced the night away until ridiculous o'clock in the morning before returning to the flat to catch up on sleep.

The next morning me and Roz got up and had the best brunch I think I have ever had in my life. Bill's banana and blueberry pancakes where just what the doctor ordered and then we set off on a shopping spree. I say shopping spree but really it was me shopping and Roz just showing me to the shops but hey we had a good time. I bought a variety of things including a keyring, a disney cup, a marie disney toy (think aristocats), a playsuit, a dress and some black pumps.

After shopping and spending far too much money we returned once again to the flat to pack my things up and had time to watch divergent as well. Roz then took me back to the train station as I set off home and arrived back at 7:10pm after a less pleasant train ride.  *LIFE TIP- don't book trains on friday or saturday nights unless you want to be surrounded by drunk people all the way home*

I had a lovely time in York and would recommend a visit.

Until next time

Meg x