Sunday, February 15, 2015

First week back x

After our little "refreshers weekend" I was beginning to forget what my usual uni days were like so it was a bit of a shock to the system when I had to get up for lectures in the mornings again after all it was before christmas that I last had a lecture. Nevertheless its good to be back and heres a few updates from the first week back.

This semester I am taking 3 new units: Management and the Apparel Pipeline (MAP), Garment Technology (GT) and Fashion, Function and Aesthetics (FFA). As well as this, this semester 2 of my units are coursework (GT and FFA) rather than 1 like last semester. Although this means only 1 exam in summer *clapping and general happiness*, it does mean a lot more work during the semester. But to be honest I prefer it this way around because it takes the pressure off in summer and fingers crossed depending on the timings of my exam may mean an extra long summer YAY!

During my first week back the Manchester Students Union held a "refreshers fair" which was similar to the original freshers fair but just smaller. Amongst other things I managed to get a great deal of freebies including 2 slices of dominos pizza, a handful of various pens, canvas bags, a mouse mat, stress ball, t-shirt, post it notes and a trolley token. It's great fun and a great way to find out about all the various societies. Also benefit cosmetics were an exhibitor at this years resfreshers fair who gave out free drinks, mouse mats and post it notes as well as doing a free sample of porefessional primer if you tweeted a certain hashtag. Definitely worth a look around even if its just for the freebies.

I have already started setting out "new semester resolutions" in my head- whether I stick to them is another story. For example I am actually going to try and read more around my course subject as this is something I pretty much neglected in semester 1. I am also going to be more organised with lecture notes etc. by putting them in designated folders and saving all the lecture slides to my pen drive. It may be a bit more hassle but I will thank myself in the long run.

Another change that me and my flat mates have decided upon this semester is to buy a semester gym class pass for £35. Although this is a lump of money I think it will really motivate us to go to the classes so that we get our moneys worth. Each class normally costs £3.30 so we have to go to at least 11 classes. This week we have booked on to do bums and tums and next week do bums and tums as well as fitness yoga. The great thing about the pass is that you can go to as many classes as you want which also means we can try out a variety of classes to see which work best for us and the gym offers a range of classes from bootcamp and insanity to zumba and kettle bell fitness. Hopefully this along with my 30 day challenges will lead to a bikini ready body for summer.

Until Next Time

Meg x