Sunday, February 01, 2015

New Years Resolutions 1 Month In x

So as part of my 12 days of christmas series I listed 4 new years resolutions which I was actually going to try and stick to. Here is how I have got on with them one month on.

1) Not to bite my nails- Surprisingly I have actually succeeded at this. Not even the stress of exams has led me to bite them *pats self on the back*. My aim was to grow them long enough to justify buying an at home gel nails kit for my birthday this year so watch this space, there may be a few reviews/tutorials up once I actually buy one. 

2) To be more adventurous with cooking- At first I did stick to this cooking things like spaghetti bolognese and stuffed mushrooms but I have decided to adapt this resolution one month in to eat more adventurously and healthily. The past few weeks (once I'd demolished all my chocolate and sweets from christmas *cough cough if you want to see the chocolate and other stuff I got for christmas check out my what I got for christmas post*) I have been trying to cut out as much sugar as possible so no chocolate or sweets and I have switched to fruit teas so that I don't need to add heaps of sugar to them. Fingers crossed I can last this one out because it does generally make you feel so much better and has improved my skin as well. 

3) To do something that makes me smile everyday- This one is quite easy as I have the most amazing flat mates who can always make me laugh on a daily basis. I'd say that during the exam window this is harder as you generally have to spend every waking moment staring at books and listening to podcasts of lectures over and over. So I have decided to change this one as well to say yes to more things (obviously not stupid things) but to take opportunities that arise. 

4) To try and stick to some sort of fitness plan- Amazingly I have pretty much stuck to this as well, Of course there have been some days where I have been to tired to do anything but mainly I am doing well and more importantly enjoying it?! Who'd of thought I'd have ever said I enjoy doing fitness but I do. I am currently using the 30 day ab challenge app (paid version) and working my way through the various levels. Fingers crossed I'll have a bikini bod before summer. 

Anyway thats my update for the month hopefully I can keep it up for another month 

Until next time

Meg x