Sunday, September 06, 2015

Back to Yorkshire x

2 blog posts on one sunday aren't you a lucky bunch (or rather the one from last week didn't post on time due to university halls wifi being atrocious so I'm just posting them both now #sorrynotsorry). Anyways so another semester is nearly done and I cannot believe quite how quickly this time has gone by.

After another 8 weeks of lectures, seminars and workshops it has finally dawned on me just how much work I have to do. My plan (which I know will never work) is to to get most of it done during easter. Fingers Crossed I stick to this.

 I returned home for easter on thursday and met up with my best friend for brunch on the friday. After we had stood outside watching the solar eclipse in sunglasses because we aren't high tech/nerdy enough to buy the actual "eclipse glasses" we headed to ye olde naked man cafe in settle (just to point out there are no naked men in this cafe don't want to false advertise). I had a sausage sandwich and a strawberry milkshake before leaving my friend and browsing settle.
Th next day was spent attempting to do work may as well start with good intentions and later going out for a meal with my family. 

Hope you've all had a lovely week 

Until next time 

Meg x