Sunday, May 03, 2015

Easter, Exam Timetables and End of year 1 x

So Easter was a few weeks ago now which  I am aware of but I realised I hadn't told you about what I got up to so sorry its a bit late but heres what happened during easter.

So my holidays kicked off with a cheeky brunch with my best friend roz. We watched the eclipse and then grabbed a sausage sandwich and a milkshake before she left to go to cambridge.

On the monday I then went into school to pick up all my old textiles courceworks, and I don't know if anyone else has ever felt this but walking into the school where I spent 7 years yes 7 years of my life, I felt like I no longer belonged there that it was just a building. Its sad but I guess it just means I've moved on. Anywhoooo enough of the deep stuff.

On the wednesday I went into harrogate with my mum and grandma. I was on a mission to find my ball shoes and did a spot of clothes shopping as well. (If you want to see what I bought check out my previous haul)

The day after I went out for tea and then to see Insurgent with Roz and if you have not seen this yet you definitely should. It's worth it just to see four.

On the saturday I went for a night out in lancaster with my friend Emma and her friend Katie and My other 2 friends annabelle and sam. A few drinks later we were dancing and having a generally fun night which I later paid for the next day where I stayed in bed all day and watched the new cinderella movie in bed (would also recommend this film).

I also found out to my dismay that my one and only exam is on the 3rd of June meaning I have a whole 4 weeks to revise for 1 exam. And a lot of you may be thinking but thats great you'll know it inside out by then. NO it means I will be bored out of my mind and means that my summer holidays are not longer than I thought :( BOO. Anyway what will be will be so lets move on before I get annoyed again.

After a few days of chilling around the house and doing a couple days in my mums shop (check out her blog me and the girlies went out for a meal in Kirkby Lonsdale and then met up with a larger group of friends afterwards for drinks in kirkby which was really lovely to see everyone again.

On easter saturday I went into Kirkby again but this time to meet up with my other friend Hannah and then went out into Lancaster with a couple of friends.

Easter Sunday was spent with my family just having a nice roast dinner and chilling eating the hoards of chocolate collected.

Monday was a home day and much like Tuesday was spent packing my stuff all back up in preparation to return back to Manchester and on Wednesday I went to take my stuff back to my halls and then went into town to help my brother pick a suit for his leavers prom.

So that was easter over and done with and I can't quite believe that those 3 weeks went so so fast and the end of easter signals only 1 thing... looming exams and then after exams my first year at university is done, kaput, finit. The time has gone so fast but we have had a couple of events to signal the end of the year such as the ball (for pictures and more info on this check out my ball get ready with me post) and we had a mexican flat party where we opened up the whole top floor of our block and just drank a lot whilst wearing sombreros. Arrrriiiibbbbaaaa.

Im feeling rather mexican after that so
Hasta la próxima vez
(in english: until the next time)
Meg x

Me and my friend Roz at the Conema to see Insugent
Katie, Emma and Myself in Lancaster
Me and my friends having a mini reunion
Easter Weekend Night Out in Lancaster