Sunday, May 17, 2015

Yet another Manchester Haul x

So as you may have guessed from the title I may have done a spot of shopping in good old manchester and I thought I'd show you what I bought:

Seasonal Classic Leather Look Toms RRP £65 but £58.50 with student discount
I thought after a weekend of lovely weather it was about time I bought some new toms as both my other pairs have holes in them. These ones looked so much more different than any others I've seen and hopefully will last a bit longer seeing as though they are leather look rather than fabric.

House of Fraser-
Jewellery Network Bracelet RRP £4 but the range had 50% off so cost £2
I bought this bracelet as the final touch for my ball outfit (see various other ball related posts below) and as it was only £2 I had to snap it up.

Mac lipstick in plumful £15.50
Not going to lie this may have been an impulse buy but a girl can never have too many lipsticks especially if they're mac lipsticks

Benefit Skincare Minis Set £15.50
I had been looking at this set for ages on the boots website but it sold out a while ago so when I saw it in house of fraser I had to have it. I think its a really great way to try out all the products and also as its skincare this minis set will last ages anyway.

Apple Store
60 W MagSafe Power Adapter £65
This was a bit of a boring yet necessary purchase as my old charing cable for my macbook pro had broken and going 4 days without a laptop is just too hard so I caved and bought a new one.

2X cotton wool pads RRP £1.89 each but were on Buy One Get One Half Off so cost £2.85 for the pair
Garnier Miscellar Water RRP £4.99 but was discounted to £3.32
I have been wanting to try the garnier miscellar water for ages now so when I saw it on offer I felt that now was the time to buy it plus the cotton pads to apply it were also on offer so it was a win win situation.

White Jegging Jeans £7.00
I had seen a pair like this in new look but cost way more than £7.00 so when I saw these in new look I thought I'd take them and save myself some money.

High Waisted Denim Shorts £10.00
All my old shorts no longer fit me so I thought as it was coming up to summer I had better invest in some shorts and these ones looked nice so into the basket they went.

Travel Makeup Bags £4.00
Now these were one of those products which is situated right next to in the checkout. It grabs your eye but you have to make a decision before your called to the checkout. In this case I did end up buying it because I thought they'd be useful to take on my holidays this year.

Floral Pom Pom Cami RRP £12.99 but cost me £9.74 as I had a 25% off friends and family voucher
I thought this top was super cute and loved the colours and thought it would be great for my holidays and general summer wear.

Khaki Playsuit RRP £24.99 but cost me £18.74
Again bought this because I thought it'd be really nice to wear on holiday but also wear in the UK as it gets a bit warmer.

Jungle Print Halter Neck Crop top RRP £7.99 but cost me £5.99
This top totally reminded me of old school fashion that I used to rock and absolutely loved the print and with the discount made it only £5.99 which I thought was an absolute bargain.

Ripped Super Skinny Jeans RRP £24.99 but cost me £18.75
I have been after a pair of ripped jeans for a while now but haven't been able to find any I liked so when I saw these I literally didn't care how much they cost my search was over I'd finally found a pair of ripped jeans I liked hallelujah!

Black Zip up dress RRP £19.99 but cost me £14.99
Finally I bought this black dress with zipper detailing which again thought I could take on holiday (are we sensing a theme) but also thought it'd be great to wear to uni as it gets into the warmer months and wear in the summer.

So that was everything I bought and its fair to say I bought way way too much but I think I'm pretty much set for summer now and my holidays which is rather exciting.

Until the next time

Meg x