Sunday, June 21, 2015

Product empties x

As a makeup addict addict I get through my fair share of products so I thought I'd talk you through what I used up and whether theres any point in you going out and buying them yourselves. I'm just saving you a lot of time and money, (you can thank me later).

Firstly the boring things when it   comes to things like mouthwash, nail polish remover, deodorant and face wipes I'm really not fussy and tend to go for what ever is on offer at the time. 

Now for the actual interesting products: 

In my empties you'll see that I have 4 primer products: maybelline baby skin, maybelline baby skin anti fatigue, Rimmel Pro Prime and benefit porefessional. I love the benefit primer it leaves your skin amazingly soft but the only downside is the price I also love the baby skin as its much cheaper and does the same job the only difference is it feels slightly more silicone like on the skin but is still a really great product. I wouldn't buy the anti fatigue one again because to be honest it didn't really make a difference to my makeup and just isn't as good as the original baby skin. I like the rimmel one however it really has nothing on the benefit one but then again it is a lot cheaper.
For eye primers I have been trying to use up the urban decay primer samples that came free with my urban decay naked palette and so far have got through the anti-ageing eyeshadow base and sin eyeshadow base. I really liked sin because it has a metallic finish which really adds an extra definition to your eyeshadow but I'm not as keen on the anti ageing one as I have seen much cheaper eye primers do a much better job. 

Makeup Items:
Makeup items are always a tricky one because I go through some products so so much quicker than others. I love the rimmel true match concealer but feel it runs out so quickly compared to other concealers so its not as good value for money. I also really enjoyed the mabelline fit me concealer and this one did last a bit longer than the rimmel  one however it is a tiny bit more expensive. My other 2 makeup empties are 2 eyeliners. Now I loved both of these eyeliners and they were the YSL eyeliner and Estee Lauder eyeliner and both worked so well and would definitely recommend but I had to throw them away because they had gotten too short to use. Sad Times. 

Hair Products: 
One/(Two if you count them separately) of my hair care empties is the cheeky loving your locks and unleash your locks shampoo and conditioner set. This set smells so good and the scent lasts so long in your hair. It's power as a shampoo/conditioner isn't bad but it's also not "amazing" as I've definitely tried better but it is a nice set and is a great gift set as it comes with a shower foam too.  Another shampoo/conditioner set I used up was the boreal elvive crystal range. This smells amazing as well and adds a nice shine to the bar so I would definitely consider purchasing it again.
I also used up the travel size of the charles worthington brush out strong hold hairspray. This is really great for travelling as its a really nice small size. It smells nice (for a hairspray), holds well and is quite affordable. Another hairspray I used up was the super drug own brand one which I would not buy again as it left my hair feeling crunchy and horrible rather than lightweight. 

Body Products:
Around christmas time Zoella released her beauty line and I was lucky enough to get one in my stocking and I have nothing but good things to say about this product. It smells really nice and fresh and the product lasts so so long that I have only just got through it and its also not expensive.  Another body lotion is the vaseline spray and go. This is great for those days when you just want to moisturise but not have to sit around for ages and let it absorb into the skin. I also managed to finally use up the vaseline aloe fresh body lotion. This product really is the product that keeps giving and has taken me an age to get through it so its really great value for money and smells really nice and fresh. My final body product is the soltan beautiful bronze self tan mousse. Do not be fooled by the light/medium colour because my flat mates commented on "how orange I looked" so I shall not be buying this tan again. 

Other Products: 
Heres some random extra products. Firstly is the raspberry fizz hand gel from primark. Firstly this is an absolute steal at £1 the scents don't really smell like what they say but they're so cheap that I will definitely repurchase. Next up is the elegant touch rapid dry for nails spray. Now this did used to be my holy grail for nails but I have recently discovered a version in primark for 80p that works just as well so I will not be repurchasing this but will be buying the primark version. I have finally managed to get through the ole henriksen truth serum collagen booster and I tell you this is expensive but last so long because you only need to use one pump at a time. It smells fresh and citrussy and is just a nice product. And finally I finished up my vera wang pink princess perfume which I was very sad  because I loved the smell but I'm currently trying out new perfumes but I would definitely consider repurchasing it.

until next time

Meg x