Sunday, September 06, 2015

Summer Antics- August x

And here it is the much awaited 3rd and final instalment of Summer Antics. It's fair to say that August was a jam packed one and by that I mean between all my trips and working I had little time to put my feet up. Nevertheless I have enjoyed every second and am looking forward to what September has to offer.

On the 1st August I kicked it off as I mean to go on and was at work all day. In the evening my friend Emma picked me up and we went to get a Chinese and brought it back to her house where I tucked into a sweet and sour chicken with egg fried rice and some prawn crackers which was delicious.

On the 2nd and 3rd I was at work yet again but on the evening of the 3rd Myself and a few friends went to Kirkby Lonsdale for a meal at Avanti to celebrate my best friend Roz's Birthday (who's actual birthday is the 5th). We had pizza and desserts in avanti alongside some prosecco to celebrate Roz's birthday. The waiters and Waitresses also brought out a pasty with a sparkler/celebration canon type thing in it to celebrate which was really nice. We then headed to the Royal for a couple more drinks before heading home.


On the 4th I had a nice lie in and then went to a cute cafe in Ireby with my friend Emma. She had a hot chocolate and chocolate cake and I had a milkshake and carrot cake (which was so pinterest). It was delicious and we had a nice catch up. In the evening of the 4th I went out for another meal with Roz and 3 of her friends from uni but this time there was a much smaller group of us. We went to the Ruschee Indian Restaurant in Settle and I had a butter Chicken which was so good. After that I drove myself and the rest of the group back to Roz's house where she opened some birthday presents and we ate homemade ice cream.

After that my Cousins from Brighton Came up for a few days and on the saturday we had a BBQ with them and a couple of friends. A few shots of rhubarb vodka later and we were all dancing in the garden. It was brilliant.

My next adventure was on the 13th and 14th of August and was a trip to Manchester. This particular trip involved a spot of shopping, a trip to the Krispy Kreme Donut Shop, Nandos and a Photo Shoot day. Its fair to say I had an excellent birthday.

The day after I was at work during the day but went on a huge night out with around 15 friends in Lancaster. It was such a good night all be it a bit of a blurry one but I had a great time singing and dancing with some of my favourite people ever.

After a very long hungover Sunday had passed I got the train to Leeds on the 17th August to visit my University friend Ellen for the day. We did a spot of shopping before heading to the Everyman Cinema where they had a "free pizza Monday deal" on so we got our free pizzas before heading upstairs to the cinema. We both got a glass of wine to enjoy with the movie (we went to see TrainWreck which was hilarious and I would definitely recommend it). Inside the cinema was really cute and quirky with sofas instead of chairs so you could get really comfy to enjoy the film. After the film we did a little more shopping and then we went to a bar called the brewery tap (I think it was called that anyway) and had a cheeky drink before getting the train home.

Following my trip to leeds was an 8 day stint at work (yes grim I know), but during one of the evenings of that week me and my family went for a curry to celebrate my Brothers GCSE results and on another night we went to a family friends for a BBQ/meal.

After I had finally finished my 8 day slog at work *hallelujah*, I had 2 days off. On the first I went with my grandma and mum to Barton Grange Garden Centre where I bought a couple of bits for my uni room and had a milkshake and cupcake which was so so yummy. 

And that pretty much wraps up a close to my summer holidays. I am so thankful to have spent it with some amazing people but cannot wait to go back to Manchester for another year of Uni (and don't worry I will bring you along every step of the way).

Until Next time

Meg x