Wednesday, December 16, 2015

12 Days of Christmas 2015- Day 4 x

So if you saw my post yesterday you will have seen that I may have gone a tad crazy at the Clothes Show and so I thought it would take off some of the guilt if I did a haul for you guys and get all my purchases out in the open.

All my purchases from the day
My first set of purchases was from a little independent stall, I had seen these letters on fleur de forces haul from the Birmingham Clothes Show last year and had always thought they were really pretty so when I saw them for myself I had to snap them up. I decided to go for M-E-G and a star which came to £8 (£2 a letter) which I thought was a great deal. They are currently above my bed and just add a bit of personalisation to the room.

The next stall we went to was Lee Stafford. I have wanted the lee stafford hair growth set for an absolute age but could never justify the price. So when at the clothes show I decided now was the time. What was even better was that Lee Stafford was on 4 for £12 making them only £3 each which is an absolute bargain so I got the hair growth shampoo, conditioner, mask, and sea salt spray. (retail value of £31.46 when bought separately) 

If you've ever been to the Birmingham Clothes Show you'll know that a lot of the makeup brands do "goodie bag" deals where you get so many products for x amount of money but you often don't get to pick the products. I went for the Barry M one which was £10 and included 6 polishes which I like all of them apart from the brown. I also received a lip gloss, 1 glossy tube (the other was gifted to me from my friend who didn't want hers), and eyeliner pen, silver eyeliner and 2 eyeshadows. All that for only £10! (retail value of about £45) and it comes in a cute makeup bag. 

My next (and main) splurge was on a sensationail gel nail kit. The kit cost me £45 (retail value of over £70) and I have wanted one for years and years and thought now is the time to get one. I also have really short nails and have tried everything to try and grow them so I thought I'd give the gel nails a go. 

Next was an absolute bargain. This was also an independent stall and this jumper only cost £5! yep £5! I have wanted a camel top for ages and thought for £5 you can't really go wrong. 
My final purchase was this jumper. I think it one of the cutest things ever and was designed by Billie Faiers from TOWIE. I love it and it was half price at the show £10 instead of £19.99 online. 

And thats everything I bought. My bank balance has been severely dented but I had a great time and I am really pleased with everything I bought. 

Until Next Time

Meg x