Thursday, December 17, 2015

12 Days of Christmas 2015- Day 5 x

With Less than 10 Days till the big day any of you who are yet to buy presents may starting to be getting in a state of panic. Well have no fear upcoming are my series of gift guides to make sure you have you're presents in time for Christmas.

So to kick off I'm going to start with "Secret Santa" Gift Guide.
At Uni I have found myself in a large number of secret santas and have a couple ideas for Secret Santa Gifts. 5 options for £0-£5 and 5 for £0-£10.

Let's Go...


1) Debenhams Drinking Game Bar Mats £5.00

Perfect for Uni Students, Beer Fans or Just Big Drinkers.

2) Debenhams Silly Straws £5.00

Brings out everyone's inner child.

3) Selfridges Personalised Nutella £4.99 (in store only)

Who doesn't like Nutella and what's more nobody can steal it if it's got your name on it.

4) John Lewis Ridley's Moustaches £4.99

A bit of fun for Christmas Day or if you choose around the work place.'s-moustaches/p2004223

5)  Spa in a Matchbox £4.99

A budget pamper session for your secret santa


1) PrezzyBox Mug Cakes £7.95

It's like cupcakes but for the lazier chefs amongst us.

2) ASOS Alphabet Scented Candle £9.95

A candle is a safe bet and if it has their initial on it it looks like real thought has gone into it. It's a win win.

3) ASOS Cath Kidston Mini Hand Care Kit £10.00

A little pampering this christmas.

4) M&S Heel Running Light £9.50

For the fitness fanatics
5) M&S Coral Egg Amplifier £10.00

What's better than a spot of michael bubble on Christmas Day... I'll tell you what... Michael Buble Amplified

So theres the first gift guide and I hope it has given you some inspiration

Until Tomorrow

Meg x