Monday, December 21, 2015

12 Days of Christmas 2015- Day 9 x

Coming up to Christmas Fallowfield is always a hive of festive activity, with events and socials taking place left right and centre. Heres the first instalment of the festive goings on in my live or rather a guide to some of the Christmassy activities happening in Manchester.

On the 1st December I attended the FOLSS Christmas Ball. It was 007 themed so we all donned our long black dresses and suits to become people who could slot right into the James Bond cast without a bat of an eyelid. I was invited as my housemates plus one (as 2 of them are on the committee of FOLSS) so we arrived at Missoula in Manchester Piccadilly which is very swanky and posh, on arrival we were given a vodka martini which was very fitting with the theme, we were also given 2 drinks vouchers to use at the bar and "£100" fake money to use on the tables. Going upstairs was a red carpet complete with photographer where you could have professional photos taken of you and your friends looking like the next set of bond girls. Upstairs was a blackjack table and downstairs was a roulette table where you could use your fake money to play. Its like gambling but no-bodys real bank accounts were hurt in the process. At this point I was very much feeling the part and to top it off the playlist was excellent so we danced way into the night, I'm just surprised I managed to keep my heels on.
The names Bond, James Bond 

The next exciting event I attended was the Birmingham Clothes Show. I won't go into too much detail because I already have a separate blog post dedicated to this but it was a fun filled day of shopping, lambrini, celebrities and watching extremely hot dancer/models dance to songs such as watch me whip/ watch me nae nae. Definitely a day I will never forget, spent with 2 of my best friends at Uni, what could be more perfect.
Me and my fashion friends at the Clothes Show

On the 7th was our PASS Christmas Meal at the Font. PASS (peer assisted social system) is a program where 2nd year students help mentor 1st year student through their first year at university. In this process there are around 20 PASS Leaders, 3 Coordinators and 1 Academic Lead. So as a group we went out for our Christmas Meal at the Font along side a couple of cocktails. I had a lovely chicken burger and some festive cocktails which included a snowball which I have since discovered is my favourite christmas drink ever!. It was a real nice evening and even better it was all subsidised by the uni so it was free.
Me and Em in our christmas jumpers at the PASS meal

The 9th consisted of work all day in anticipation for a very busy evening. My first event of the evening was with Team First which is a fund raising App I'll leave details below, but basically its an app where you can get discounts for loads of websites and places in Manchester and then when you use the discounts this is transferred back to the societies as they gain points on every purchase made. Anyway Nandos was my first stop where the deal was half price nandos, I mean who can resist that. So I had a chicken burger with sweet potato wedges which was delicious.
Cheeky Nandos
My second event of the evening was a Victoria Secret Viewing Show Party at Revs in Fallowfield. It was a really nice evening with cocktails and we all got a goody bag which had some popcorn, coconut water and little victoria secret dog in it to view the show. There were also quizzes and competitions to take part in but unfortunately I didn't want any of them. After the show myself and my house mate were so in love with gigi hadid we went out to buy the new vogue magazine and read it together in the house.
Cocktails and goodie bags at the VS Show Viewing
The following day I spent with my mum and dad mooching and shopping around Manchester city centre . It was really nice and its fair to say we hit the shops hard. First we went for an eggnog punch which me and mum both decided we do not like but was a good laugh. We then shopped before having a quick pit stop lunch at costa. After our little break we continued shopping until our feet and bank accounts could no longer cope. When this happened we just so happened to be stood next to a champagne bar so us being us had to go in and have a couple before meeting with my dad who had been at work. As a 3 we then went to the german christmas markets to get a bratwurst hotdog and watch a bit of ice skating before heading home.
Champagne Break at the Christmas Markets

On the Friday I spent the day doing work before going for a MATSOC Christmas Curry later on. It was truly hilarious and the waiters were great fun. Me and my 2 friends emily and thea just had such a laugh it was a great evening.
Christmas Curry

So that was my first few days of festive fun, stay tuned for tomorrows instalment of 12 days of christmas.

Until next time

Meg x