Sunday, January 31, 2016

New Years Resolutions 1 Month on x

So 1 month on I thought I'd check in to see how well am I doing with my new years resolutions. I initially thought I was being over ambitious setting myself 10 yes 10 new years resolutions but so far I am actually doing really well. Lets take a look.

1. The first one was to grow my nails and especially during exams it was very tempting but I stuck in there and I do now have substantially longer nails now which is great. I love being able to paint them a lot more easily. 

2. The second resolution was to stick to a fitness plan. Surprisingly I have actually managed this and dare I say it even started to enjoy it. I can definitely feel myself getting stronger and am starting to see real results.

3. The next one "be more comfortable in my own skin" is quite difficult to measure but though seeing results it is becoming more easy. 

4. To not let the little things get to me. Have to say recently I have been struggling a little with this one mainly due to having 2 very stressful exams however I personally wouldn't call them "little things" so I'm going to say it doesn't count. 

5. To eat more healthily. This has overall been going well however there have been a couple of hiccups where I have treated myself to treats like chips of a waffle but through my fitbit I have been inputting my food calories into the app to ensure I don't go over which has been really helping. It is also quite difficult to eat amazingly healthily on a student budget but I am trying to substitute things to make that extra difference.

6. Drinking more water is something I've actually been doing and I have been loving the flavoured fruit water through my infuser water bottle. It really has worked in encouraging me to get the amount of water I need. 

7. The majority of the time I have been pretty good with this one but on the odd occasion I have been out I have sometimes forgotten to take my makeup off at night. However I am doing better and through having revision for exams I have been able to give my skin quite a long break from wearing makeup just to keep it fresh.

8. To say yes to more. This one I have been doing mainly because I always get the "fear of missing out" but I think through saying yes to more I will just create so many more amazing memories which is super exciting. 

9. Is to smile more. This again is quite a tricky one to measure and had been tricky as exams really took their toll on me but since my last exam I have been really happy and positive which is always good.

10. Create a happiness jar. I did this very well when I was at home but as soon as I got back to manchester I kept forgetting to write things down so this one probably is the biggest fail of them all but I have downloaded a 5 year line a day app type thing so you can look at how your answers change year on year.

I also made an additional new years resolution which was to expand my vocabulary and so I have been looking at all the words of the day on the online dictionary which has been very interesting.

Anyway so that was a run down of my new years resolutions and how well they are going. I hope you enjoyed it and hopefully I can stick at them for even longer.

Until next time

Meg x