Sunday, January 03, 2016

New Years Resolutions 2016 x

Hello and welcome to the first blog post of 2016! I cannot believe just how fast 2015 flew by but here's to a bigger and even better 2016!

By now your probably sick of all the "new year new me" mumbo jumbo flying around social media however just to stick a nail in the coffin I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and share with you my New Years Resolutions for 2016. 

Any of you that are long time readers of this blog will appreciate this usually lasts for about a week before I slip into my old habits of munching on chocolate and skipping work outs for various netflix shows. But this year is different! I can hear you all saying how so and even if you're not I'm going to tell you anyway. This year I bought a fit bit so I can track my fitness and a blender so I can make my own delicious smoothies and hopefully share a few recipes with you guys. 

Ok enough waffling lets get down to the resolutions sit back and relax because there are 10 of them. I can hear you "who on earth makes 10 resolutions and sticks to them?" ME, that's who now lets get on with it...

1. First things first (I'm the realest, never gets old) I want to grow my nails. I technically started this one early as I haven't bitten my nails since the 4th December (woo go me) and top tip to any of you nail biters out there its all down to gel nails I have completely stopped biting them and hope to continue this so I have long gorgeous nails. 

2. Next up is the most common new years resolution ever and usually comes after stuffing your face with all your christmas chocolate. Of course its fitness. I want to start doing more fitness not necessarily a super strict plan because with uni I can't commit to that but whenever I have free time or am bored or just need a break I am going to do a fitness activity instead of watching TV or wasting time sat in bed. 

3. The next one should come from doing the one above but I want to become more comfortable in my own skin. This isn't necessarily going out with no makeup on but I do want to do that more often, but more being proud of myself and walking tall.

4. As an Individual I am very stressy and so another resolution is to not let little things get to me and to kind of brush them off after all they probably aren't the end of the world. 

5. To eat more healthily. I just think after all the food of christmas this is a good one just to cleanse yourself a bit and restore your body. I'm also going to do (partially) dry January. I say partially because I am going to do Dry January for 20 days so until the 21st (mainly because thats my last exam and I plan on going out after wards) But still its the thought that counts right?

6. To coincide with number 5 is to drink more water. Water is so so good for you but I always forget and then end up with a headache. I am going to have a bottle with me at all times and that way I should be able to say goodbye to dehydrated headaches and hello to beautiful glowing skin.

7. As well as the water to give my skin that proper glow I am going to look after my skin more. I am an stickler for forgetting to take my makeup off after a night out and even sometimes just when I'm being lazy and its not good. Its going to change!

8. Next is a general one but it is to say yes to more.What with YOLO and everything I think its important not to pass up opportunities when they're handed to you so this year I'm going to say yes to more things and see what comes my way.

9. Is to smile more, life is what you make of it and if you smile more you will appreciate the life you have more. Not only this but you will spread joy and whats better than that. 

10. My final resolution is to create a happiness jar. Everyday I must write down something that made me happy that day and put it in the jar. That way the jar will fill up with amazing happy memories and will make you more appreciative of happy moments. 

So those are my 10 resolutions this year, I hope I may have inspired some of you to create New Years Resolutions and hopefully I will stick to mine for an all round fabulous year. 

Until Next Time

Meg x