Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Health Kick x

If any of you read my post about my new years resolutions (if you haven't go do it) then you will know that my new years resolutions mainly consist of getting healthier and happier in this year. I thought I'd share with you a few of the ways I've been doing that which has 2 purposes. a) by me posting it on here I am accountable to keep going and b) it may help motivate you too. Everyone's a winner.
Fruit Infuser Water Bottle
One thing I did was get myself a Fruit infusing Water Bottle. If you like me are rubbish at drinking water this is a great option as it makes the water taste more interesting and so makes me more likely to drink it. Whats more its actually better than regular water because your getting loads of amazing benefits from the fruit too. My favourite fruits to use so far have been strawberry, lime, cucumber, oranges and lemons. (not all at the same time obviously)
Blend Active Personal Blender 

My next purchase was a personal Smoothie Maker. I had a cheaper version last year and loved having smoothies for breakfast as it was a good way for me to get fruit into my diet. Unfortunately my old one broke and I never got round to replacing it until now. The one I have bought comes with big and small sized bottles so if your only feeling like a little smoothie that option is available too. Smoothies are really tasty and so much better for you than drinks like squash and store bought smoothies because you know exactly whats gone into them.

Fit Bit Charge
After Christmas I had a large pot of money to spend and instead of spending it on rubbish like I usually do I thought I'd invest in a fitbit. This is a wrist device that tracks all your fitness stats such as calories burnt, steps taken, active minutes etc as well as being a functioning watch and caller ID for your phone. If your like me data is a motivator (sad I know but true) I love looking at numbers to see how well I'm doing and this is a great way of doing it. It all syncs nicely to your phone app and you can even challenge your friends to step offs, set goals and alerts.

Yoga Mat

Next up was the yoga mat a worthwhile investment if you do not want to slip and slide around whilst also protecting yourself if you have a particularly hard floor. Mine was only £10 from amazon and even comes with a carry case.

Blogilates Youtube Channel

Now you may be saying yes meg you've bought all this stuff thats all very well and good but what exercise are you actually doing. Well my little friends I shall tell you. I have joined the blogilates hype. If you don't know what that is it is a youtube chanel by Cassey Ho who is an amazing pilates and HIIT trainer. She's really motivating and she creates a monthly workout plan thats really easy to follow. All you do is print it out then on each day do the videos from her chanel that it says. Its really very easy. Its also great because its free and can be done in the comfort of your own home so no scary gym bods breathing down your neck.

Lean in 15 Cook Book
And my final bit to share with you is food. I used to be a stickler for a cheeky bar of chocolate as a snack or some biscuits and this just made me lazy with my food. This year I have discovered lean in 15. This is a recipe book by personal trainer Joe Wicks who is also amazing and has come up with a load of recipes that are lean and healthy but only take around 15 minutes to make. As a student this was also a selling point for me because I don't often have a lot of time to prepare healthy meals so always opted for the quick and easy pasta and sauce option. This has a variety of dishes and even if its just to inspire you to use some different ingredients I think its great. It also has a few workout tips and food tips in there to keep you well informed.

and that is everything I have started on my 2016 health kick.

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different type of post.

Until next time

Meg x