Sunday, February 14, 2016

Post Exams Celebrations x

As I was the first person in my house to finish my exams I was left with over a week and a half to relax/chill. Here's what I got up to during my post exams celebrations.

21st January- Obviously as the 21st represented the end of my exams myself and my course friends went out first to the font for a couple of pre drinks before heading out to factory where we had a standard fashion night out.
Me and my uni mother Thea 
22nd January- This day was spent mainly recovering from the night before and chilling watching TV and doing some pilates. For Tea myself and the house got chippy tea Friday and to top it off Gelato Passion (just ice cream, waffles, crepes and all-round deliciousness) has started doing delivery so we thought we'd try it out and boy oh boy was it good.
Fererro Rocher Waffles
23rd January- Today was yet another chill day but I watched Harry Potter to reminisce over the magic and generally always makes me feel chilled.  I then proceeded to pack my bags for york.
 Childhood Classic
24/25th January- The next 2 days were spent in york where myself and my friend Roz, went shopping then we went out for a night out and then did a bit more shopping the day after.
All the York Girls (+Me)
26th January- Today was the only day of the week where I actually had to go into uni for a PASS meeting which was a bit boring but needed to be done. Then my housemate brought back her nintendo wii from home which I haven't been on for ages so I was so excited to have a go at just dance and Mario Kart.
The Best Procrastination
27th January- Today myself and my friend mel made pancakes for brunch before doing our gel nails and watching the little mermaid. She then left and I did my pilates before having a Wii game-off with tom, dom and louis.
Practicing for Pancake Day
28th January- The 28th was yet another day of chilling and general lazing around. In the evening myself and my housemate Sarah went to a fit step class which is a fitness class based around strictly come dancing which was really fun and then in the evening our friend phoebe came round and we played wii games and did yet more chilling.
Keep Dancing
29th- Today was a very busy day as myself, 3 of my housemates and 2 course friends went to jump nation which is basically a room of trampolines. It was so fun but so much more tiring than I expected. After jump nation my course mates returned home and me and my 3 housemates got the bus to the Trafford Centre. When we got there we went to wagamamas for lunch which I'd never been to before but really enjoyed and then we did a spot of shopping before returning home and having a chilled evening.

The Trafford Centre
Team ready to bounce
Big Kids
30th- The 30th was the night of Pangaea, the Piece de resistance of my post exam week. For anyone who doesn't know Pangaea (pronounced pan-jee-a) is a huge student festival that lasts 1 night and is hosted 3 times a year. Its only for manchester students but has played host to some massive artists in the past such as example and sister sledge. This time the headliner was Katy B which was absolutely incredible. There was also a spotify set, loads of lesser known house dj's and even a silent disco. The night is always themed fancy dress so this time was retro games so myself and my housemate were mario and luigi. Its fair to say it was an amazing night and I can't wait for the next one in June.
Mario and Luigi
Squad Goals
31st- The final day of my post exams celebrations was spent recovering from pangaea. My housemate bought us all McDonalds which was amazing and then for tea we had the M&S dine in for 2 for £10 deal so I had lemon and herb chicken with bread crumb garlic mushrooms and millionaires cheesecake and half a bottle of wine. It was so nice to have a hassle free tea before Uni started the day after.
We are so close we are like an actual couple
So that was how I spent my week and a bit off from uni but I am now fully rested and raring to go for semester 2.

Until Next Time

Meg x