Saturday, March 19, 2016

Edinburgh Antics x

On the weekend of the 5th and 6th of March my family and I (making 10 of us in total) took a trip to Edinburgh Scotland to celebrate my Grandma and Grandad's 50th Wedding Anniversary. On the morning of the 5th we got up early in order to catch our train from Oxenholme station. As soon as we found our seats on the train (reserved with a message saying Happy Golden) we took no time at all to crack open a magnum of prosecco. 

Once we arrived in Edinburgh we went for a late brunch where I had smoked salmon and scrambled egg, before setting off to hit the shops. 
On the Saturday myself, my cousin and his girlfriend started on Princess Street which if you don't know Edinburgh very well Princess street is where all the High Street shops are like your Primark, H+M, New Look, that kind of thing. After a while on Princess street I decided to switch up my tactics as I thought all those shops I can get in Manchester so I went onto George street where there are lets say slightly more 'upmarket' stores such as French Connection, Jack Wills, Molton Brown etc. etc. There I made a few purchases before meeting up with the others. 
After shopping we all went to the Dome which is an incredible space and does the most amazing cocktails. I had a French Martini and an Apple and Melon Sours before heading over to the hotel (The George if you were wondering) to get ready for our evening meal out.  
Before our meal out we made a couple pit stops at other bars where obviously we had even more cocktails, oops.
When we made it to Gusto, I had yet more cocktails as well as an amazing 3 course meal of muscles in white wine sauce for starter, chilli prawn tagliatelle for main and bombolinos aka mini doughnuts for desert. After everyone had finished eating and we'd had a few selfies with the waiter (no joke) we headed out to potentially go "out out". 
We went up the steps to a club and the bouncer (very stern and grumpy man) was not very impressed, I'm not sure which of the following he turned us away for either a) we had my brother with us who is 17 so is not legally allowed to drink or b) the fact that my Grandma (who'd had a few too many sherry's) tried to put a table decoration on the bouncers head which we all found very amusing yet the bouncer did not. Anyway we did not get in so we just headed back to the hotel for a couple more drinks before heading to bed. 

Day 2 arose and I was dreading having the hangover from hell but to my astonishment I was absolutely fine. We had breakfast in the hotel where the younger half of the family went to town. I had 2 courses of breakfast which set me up nicely for our second day of shopping. 
On the Sunday I did the other half of George street which I didn't get to do on the Saturday. It's fair to say I had a lovely time and spent far to much but have come away with some lovely things (I may have to not eat for a week but thats a sacrifice I'm willing to make). After this my mum, dad, auntie, grandma, grandma and I went to a nice outdoor bar and sat in the sunshine with a coca cola before heading to the fishers restaurant for lunch where I had muscles again. 
After lunch we were all allowed to do a "quick dash" where if anyone had seen anything they needed before leaving Edinburgh that they just had to have then this was the time. In this time I went to Hollister and then also went back to the Jack Wills sale. We then returned to the hotel picked up our bags and got the train back home. The train journey itself was pretty hilarious with Thomas, Charlie and I playing games like "don't show keith your teeth" from Celebrity Juice (if you haven't seen it youtube it, it's hilarious) and Youtube Whispers (again just youtube it). Waiting for us at Oxenholme station was a taxi ready to whisk us away back to all our respective houses. And that was our weekend in Edinburgh. I had such a good time and picked up some really lovely bits and pieces (haul coming tomorrow so keep a look out for that) and it was such a lovely way to celebrate my grandparents g olden wedding anniversary. 

Until Tomorrow...

Meg x