Sunday, March 27, 2016

March Reviews x

So this year I am trying to mix up the content on my blog a bit to keep it fresh and interesting (or so I hope anyway) and one way I want to do this is by testing out a few new products and letting you know what's hot and what's not. Basically its a win win for everyone I get to try out new products and hopefully find a hidden gem and you get to know all about the products before investing your hard earned cash into it.

So instead of one blog post being dedicated solely to one product review I'm going to give you a 3-in-1, grab a cup of tea and sit back for a collection of reviews that I hope you'll find somewhat interesting.

Review 1- St Moriz Tanning Mousse

This is the shade that my skin went after the tan.
Now I know this product has been around a while but I had never tried it and thought I'd add it to this seeing as though I was going to do this post anyway. So as price points go this is amazingly cheap at around £3/£4 a bottle it obviously is one of the cheapest options on the market and as it is a mousse it is really easy to apply. However be warned it is DARK, and I really mean dark. The bottle I used was the shade medium but it does turn you a considerable few shades darker. If that's what you're looking for then this is the product for you but if what you're looking for is a natural summer glow then I'd step away from the tan bottle. The application is fairly standard just apply all over with a mint making sure you don't miss any bits because it will be obvious due to the darkness of the product and then leave it to dry. This is where I'd advise you wear old clothes because some of the tan may come off on your clothes. In the morning or a few hours later wash off the guard layer and you should be good to go or as the packaging says "good to glow". So overall if you're wanting quite a deep tan for an event or something this is a great affordable option but for a general summer glow I'd personally go for more of a gradual tan such as the sunkissed gradual tanning lotion or the garnier one.

Review 2- Primark Makeup Sponges
Now for ages every makeup artist youtube/blogger and general beauty lover has been on the beauty blender hype. But at £16 for one sponge its not the cheapest of sponges. The next option is the real techniques sponges which at £5.99 is more affordable but still there are cheaper options out there. My personal choice is the range from primark which I have been using for ages (the usual egg shape one). However on the latest time I went into primark I saw this pack of 2 for £2 which intrigued me due to their different shape and I have got to say I really like them. The more pointed end of the sponge is great for blending around the face such as around the nose and eyes and the round end has a large surface area making blending larger areas like the cheeks and forehead really quick and easy. I would highly recommend these for any fan of makeup sponges especially as they are amazingly affordable at only £1 each.

Review 3- Tresseme Reverse System Beauty-Full Volume
My final product review for march and perhaps the most exciting one is the new shampoo and conditioner system from tresemme. This duo throws what you already knew about hair care out of the window and switches it all up. In this system you apply the conditioner first and leave it on for about a minute you then wash it off and apply the shampoo to remove any excess. I have to say I was quite pessimistic about this being purely a gimmick but I was wrong my hair actually did feel softer and felt as though it had more volume in the roots. At £4.99 for each bottle it's not the absolute cheapest shampoo and conditioner but I do think its price is justified and it was really interesting to see how this system would work. Tresemme claim that it it gives 2xvolume and 2x smoothness which I'm not sure on the figures but I would say it did both of those things so if you haven't checked this out yet I would recommend it.

And that concludes my mini product reviews and I hope you found it interesting or useful.

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