Sunday, April 24, 2016

Mac Haul and Review x

Over the Easter Break I worked a fair few hours at Car & Kitchen where I work during the holidays so I only thought it was right for me to put together a little Selfridges haul as a present to me from me. As always I thought I'd put it together as a haul and review type post so you guys can check out these items before you purchase them (therefore saving money if they're awful) or may inspire you to go and pick them up for yourself so here we go. 

First thing to mention is how absolutely adorable the Selfridges packaging is. I really wasn't expecting it so it was a really nice little addition to my treat parcel. 
I picked up 4 items in total costing £64.50 in total with packaging which I don't think is bad for 4 Mac Items. 
The first one I picked up and really the main reason I was looking on the Selfridges website to start with. It was the Foiled Eyeshadows from Mac. These are a limited collection so when they're gone they're gone. I saw these on Velvel Ghost's (Gabbi) Youtube Chanel and absolutely loved them, I did really want the purple one (magic in your eyes) but that is virtually impossible to find without paying millions for it on eBay so I ended up choosing 'Joy Toy' which is now out of stock and the only 2 shades left are Fairy Land and Fly By Twilight. Anyway this was £16 and the colour pay off is incredible. The pan is larger than the regular Mac eyeshadows so you do get a bit more product for the price (normal mac eyeshades are £13). The shade I have 'Joy Toy' I would describe as being a warm champagne/copper colour. The main thing about these shadows is their finish as they are foiled they are really shimmery and metallic which if like me your a fan of all things metallic and glitter I would strongly advise checking out the other 2 shades before they sell out.
Joy Toy Foiled Eyeshadow
My next purchase came from a little bit of a fan girl moment. I absolutely love Ariana Grande and have loved her ever since she was on TV in Victorious and other programs as a kid (if you don't know what TV show I'm on about you haven't lived) anyway, I love her music and I love her style so I picked up the Ariana Grande Viva Glam Lipstick. This lipstick is a gorgeous dark purple colour which is a colour I love wearing anyway and I can see that it would be a shade Ariana would wear herself. This lipstick cost £15.50 which is exactly the same as the regular lipsticks and is in a matte finish which makes a really nice addition to my Mac collection. The packaging is slightly different to the regular lipsticks as the Mac is written in a pinky red and has her signature on the bit you turn to release the lipstick and the box. What's even better is some of the funds from the Viva Glam lipsticks go towards fighting HIV and AIDS so its a win win you're getting a gorge new lipstick and your helping others at the same time. Who said makeup couldn't save the world?
Ariana Grande Viva Glam Lipstick
Next up was a collection that I'm not going to lie sucked me in by it's packaging. There are 2 collections out at the minute one being Zac Posen's Collection and the other being the Charlotte Olympia Collection and it's fair to say packaging wise I thing Charlotte Knocked it out of the park. I don't think I have ever owned any makeup that looks as beautiful as this, the only thing that comes close is the YSL rouge volupte lipstick but at £26 a pop it really should be extravagant. I personally think the Charlotte Olympia Collection is very reasonably priced and is absolutely gorgeous.

I firstly picked up a nail polish in the colour 'Old Fashioned' which is a gorgeous red shade. These to my astonishment only cost £11 which is the same as your bog standard nails inc polish and even Essie polishes are around the £8/9 mark so you really are getting your moneys worth with this one. The normal mac polishes are £10 anyway so for an extra £1 you get the most gorgeous packaging and a bit of the limited edition collection. I have inserted a picture of it on my nails bearing in mind my nails are horribly short so obviously it would look a lot nicer on long nails. The brush applies really nicely and did I mention how damn luxurious it is to hold. This would make a really great present for someone as it's not crazy expensive but is still gorgeous.

The second Charlotte Olympia Item I picked up was one of the 3 lipsticks in the shade 'Starlett Scarlett'. I was a bit apprehensive that this shade would be too orangy for me and I wouldn't want to wear it but this colour oh my is beautiful. It is a true red shade and is also a matte finish. It costs £17 so is the most expensive item I picked up but it is also in my book very much worth it. If you put it in perspective normal mac lipsticks are £15.50 so for the extra £1.50 you get this incredible see through packaging which is so unique I have never seen anything like it. The lipstick bullet has the usual mac vanilla scent and is just so luxurious. This shade is the lightest of the collection the others being more deeper reds but I chose this one as I have nothing like it already in my Mac Collection .
Charlotte Olympia Lipstick in Starlett Scarlett
Below are swatches of the lipsticks and eyeshadow as well as a makeup looks using the products.

I hope you liked this Mac Haul and found it useful. As always if you want to see more of me make sure to click those social media icons on the right and stay tuned for next weeks post which will be my April Love List.

Until Next Time...

Meg x