Sunday, April 17, 2016

Meg's Hardcore HIIT session X

Who's up for another fitness post? Well if you're keeping up with the new fitness trends and things you'll know that HIIT workouts are becoming increasingly popular. HIIT stands for high intensity interval training and is boasted to be one of the most efficient ways of getting lean. So today I thought I'd share with you an approximately 30 minute HIIT session that I have created to help tone your total body. LET'S GO...

Ok so here's how it's going to work there are 4 sets each with 6 excersizes. Each excersize you are going to do for 45 seconds and then have a 15 second break before doing the next one again for 45 seconds and 15 break. Basically you are following a 45 seconds on and 15 off routine. Once you have completed the whole set (6 excersizes) you get a 45 second rest before doing exactly the same on the next 3 sets. Kapeesh? Good. Here are the 4 sets I have come up with and variations to make it more difficult if you feel you're more advanced or are just a fitness maniac. Also what's great with this is you can mix it up however you want say you want to focus on your abs switch out some of the squat type moves for ab moves and do it as normal. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. You are going to need 2 hand weights (don't worry of you don't have any you can use 2 cans of soup or 2 bottles of squash just something with a bit of weight to it), a fitness mat (or soft surface so you don't hurt your back) and a good old bit of determination. So let's get going...

Its very important that you warm up a bit before doing a full HIIT workout so do a couple of songs worth of cardio before cracking on with the workout

Set 1
Move 1: Squats with weights (regular or pliƩ squats, to increase the difficulty turn it into a jump squat landing softly into a squat)
Move 2: Swimmers (with 2 hand weights move your arms as if you are doing front crawl aka swimming whilst stood up)
Move 3: Jog (to increase difficulty either turn into a run or sprint) 
Move 4: Hold Plank (either a regular plank on your forearms or high plank on your hands, to make easier you can go on your knees or to make it harder you can try raising one leg in the air and switching half way through) 
Move 5: Windmills (holding one hand weight in each hand and with a wide leg stance lean over to one side with your weight raising one above your head and the other down to the floor and repeat on the other side)
Move 6: Lunges with weights (to increase difficulty turn into jump lunges) 

Set 2
Move 1: Weight twist (with one or both of your hand weights held between your 2 hands twist your torso from side to side without moving your hips, this will attack your obliques)
Move 2: Dead lift (with one weight in each hand bend at your waist whilst keeping your legs at shoulder width apart and relatively straight, lower your arms to the floor and then come back up, this is your basic deadlift. To increase complexity you can add a squat with weight lift at the end of each rep and repeat it).
Move 3: Star jumps (without weights)
Move 4: Hold low squat (hold for the whole 45 seconds, can be adapted to a narrow squat which is a regular squat but with the legs together instead of shoulders width apart)
Move 5: Crunches (without weights, lying on your back and with your legs bent but touching the floor crunch the upper body. There are lots of variations of this to make it harder for example leg up crunches where both legs are in the air, 4 crunches where one leg is straight in the air and the other is bent with the foot touching the other legs knee or cheerleader L crunches where one leg is up to the ceiling the other is horizontal to the floor but not touching, these legs then alternate on each rep)
Move 6: Tray arms (holding either 1 weight between 2 hands or both weights hold your arms out like you're carrying a tray, then pull your arms in and then return to tray position, repeat this for the whole 45 seconds)

Set 3
Move 1: Standing side crunch (with one hand on your head and the other holding a hand weight down by your side lean away from the weight by crunching your side, switch sides half way, you can add a knee lift as well if you want)
Move 2: High knees (with no weight run with high knees for the full 45 seconds)
Move 3: Golf balls (with a weight in each hand and your arms at right angles to the ceiling move the arms in little circles for the whole 45 seconds, if it is too hard remove the weights but continue the motion)
Move 4: Parachuters (with no weights and face down on the mat lift the arms and legs into a parachuting type position and then return to flat, keep doing this for the full 45 seconds)
Move 5: Bridge (lying on your back and your legs bent push up into a bridge with just your legs and return to original position. There are lots of ways to increase the difficulty of this one you can add weights by holding them by your hips, you can narrow bridge where your legs are together you can 4 bridge where one leg is bent on top of the other, you can single leg bridge where one leg is in the air meaning the other does the work or you can do an extended bridge where you move your legs further away from the body and the weight is on your heels. Remember if you are doing a single leg option to switch legs half way through)
Move 6: Floor weight presses (with a weight in each hand and lying in a crucifix shape pull both arms together so they meet above your head and return to crucifix. To increase difficulty add in a jackknife so when you pull your arms together your body also crunches up into a V shape)

Set 4
Move 1: Plank walkout (lower yourself into a squat and touch the floor then with your hands walk yourself into a plank and then walk yourself back to standing. To increase difficulty once in a plank you can add some plank jacks or a press up before returning to standing)
Move 2: Back press (with a weight in each hand start with your arms out at shoulder height, pull both arms in bending your arms behind your back, you are aiming to squeeze your shoulder blades together)
Move 3: Skipping (with no weights jump as if you are skipping, to increase difficulty jump in a repetition of 1,2,3, little jumps then on 4 do a large tuck jump and repeat)
Move 4: Alternate toe touches (lying on the floor with both legs up to the ceiling crunch up and touch your left hand to your right foot then repeat on the other side, keep repeating until the 45 seconds is up)
Move 5: Prayer pulses (with one weight in your hands put your hands together as it you are praying and make sure both elbows are touching as this is crucial to the move working. Once in position pulse your arms up and down for the 45 seconds) 
Move 6: Ab bikes (lying with your back on the floor, both hands behind the nape of the neck and the legs hovering off the ground take your left leg and bend it into the chest at the same time touch this knee with your right elbow keeping it touching your neck, crunching and twisting to reach the opposite knee, return to the start position then repeat on the other side, do this for 45 seconds)

Postset: Wooo you completed the HIIT workout which should take about 27 minutes if I've done my maths correctly. Don't forget to cool down and stretch at the end of a workout to minimise the chance of pulling muscles etc.

and that is Meg's Hardcore HIIT session, remember fitness is a journey so don't worry if you have to start on the easy options or even if you have to modify it slightly to do it as long as you're trying your best you will see yourself progress massively. 

I hope you like this type of post, as always let me know via my social medias or the comments on this blog if you want to see more things like this. Maybe you want to see an abs focussed one or a butt focussed one, if you do let me know and I'll see what I can come up with. Any who ...

Until next time 

Meg x

*Disclaimer I am not a personal trainer but just use your common sense if you feel in pan stop what your doing or adapt it. Also use your common sense as to whether you should attempt the workout in the first place*