Sunday, May 08, 2016

London Haul (Kiko, VS Pink, New Look and Kiehl's) x

So recently I went to London for an Interview day and as we were there for a couple of days it only felt right that I fit in a spot of shopping so as always I thought I'd show you what I picked up.

The only makeup items I picked up in London were from Kiko which is a brand that I have found very difficult to get hold of in the UK. I first picked up a glossy dream sheer lipstick in the shade 210 which has potentially the most fun lipstick packaging I have ever seen. It has a button on the top that releases the lipstick and also the shade is a such a gorgeous summery red. I also picked up a cream crush lasting colour cream eyeshadow in shade 12 which is a gorgeous glittery lilac which shines all different colours in the light. The lipstick was £10.90 and the cream shadow was £6.90.

 Victoria Secret:
This was the main shop I wanted to go in as I had a £10 voucher which I needed to spend before it expired so with my voucher I picked up 5 pairs of pants in the 5 for £25 deal but as I had a £10 voucher were effectively 5 for £15 (they are £7 normally each). I also impulse bought a victoria secret fragrance gift set at the tills for £5.50 which I thought was a great deal for 2 body sprays and 2 body lotions and both smell amazing. I finally got a Grey tank top that had the word PINK in glittery letters across it for £32.50. I think this would be great with jeans for a casual look but with a little added pizzazz.

New Look:
New Look is one of those shops that for me never seems to disappoint as it's the right balance of affordable but still fashionable and has a reasonably high quality for what you pay. I went a tad crazy in New Look as I had a 25% off voucher and ended up leaving with 5 items oops.
First up were 2 items I have actually bought for the MatSoc Ball. The ball is 1920's theme but I wanted an outfit for it that I could still wear after the event. So I got this gorgeous pleated skirt (£24.99/£18.74 with discount) and Wrap leotard (£14.99/£11.24 with discount) as my nod to the 20's. I think they're gorgeous together but are also versatile as they can be worn separately as parts of other outfits.

The next 3 items had no specific reason for purchasing them but merely the fact that I liked them. I got a floral blouse which I was amazed at as it reminds me totally of some of the clothing gin ted baker but only cost £19.99 (£14.99 with discount). I also got a floral print bomber jacket for £29.99 (£22.50 with discount) . Bomber jackets are huge right now but I didn't want the same khaki one that every tom dick and harry has so I thought this one was a little different but still in keeping with the trend. And finally I got this midi length camo dress which I think would be great for on holiday or just a hot day in the UK (look at me being all optimistic) and this was £15.99 (£11.99 with discount) meaning a grand total saving of £26.49 yippee.

And finally I got 2 free samples of the Kiehls midnight recovery oil and day recovery oil to test out. I am going to test them out and if I enjoy them then I can decide whether to invest in the full size for £36 or £49.

So that was all I bought in London and it's fair to say I'm all shopped out for a while. Let's be real this will probably last for about 2 weeks before I get shopping again but hey ho, life is for living and money is for spending. I hope you liked this haul. Make sure you keep tuned for an exciting new tag type thing I have created coming this way very soon.

Until next time ...

Meg x