Sunday, May 29, 2016

Revision Tips x

Now that Semester 2 is over everyone is in high revision mode for the coming summer exams so I thought I'd share with you my top tips for effective revision.

1. Work out what kind of learner you are.
They tell you this all the time at school but honestly it is so important. If you don't know you can find out here but for the purpose of this post I will be covering the tips I like to use.

2. Post it Notes Everywhere
Post it notes are one of my favourite ways to try and remember things. I will put them all over my room so that I can see them when I go to bed, do my makeup all sorts of places so I constantly see them and can familiarise myself with them.

3. Colour coding
People may say colour coding is just a way to make it all look pretty which is slightly try but if you actually use the colours as a code you can remember which colours meant which things and hopefully remember them a lot more easily.

4. Nice Setting
If you are going to successfully revise all day make sure you have a nice environment to do it in. Tidy/clear your room to give you some space and maybe get some nice candles to create a calm working environment.

5. Switch it up
Leading on from number 4 make sure you switch your environment up. Maybe ask your roommate if you could swap desks one day or if you have a library go there for a bit. Just make sure you switch it up to keep it interesting.

6. Rewards
Exam season is not the time to think about getting your summer body on. Rewards are necessary for successful revision. This could be sweets, chocolate, tea's, coffee's, anything like that but set a limit for them for example: you can have a cup of tea after 2 hours of revision.

7.Off Time
Give yourself some off time in the evenings where you can chill, watch Tv or take up a hobby as it will keep you motivated and gives you a nice break before starting again the next day.

8. Timetables
Making a revision timetable is a great idea as it gives you a schedule to work to. It makes sure you spend enough time on each of your subject areas as well as gives you times for breaks and things. If you live in a student house you could organise with your friends to all have breaks at the same time so you can have a nice chat in between revision hours.

9. Give yourself realistic breaks
This will depend on the person for example I know my brother cannot concentrate on one thing for very long so I would encourage him to have regular breaks to keep him refreshed where as I can usually go for a few hours before needing to break. Make sure your breaks are realistic i.e. you aren't taking too many or not enough. And also make sure they are realistic lengths give yourself enough time to make a cup of tea/drink and make sure you include a good lunch break.

10. Sharing is Caring
If you have a group of friends taking the same exam organise a day together where you can all talk through your revision. Most likely you will get something they don't and vice versa giving you the chance to learn something you don't understand as well as cement your previous revision in your head for the exam.

So those were my top 10 tips for revision. I hope this is useful for anyone about to take exams whether that be GCSE, A levels or University. I also wish you all good luck, go out and try your best.

Until Next Time ...

Meg x