Sunday, June 12, 2016

Lip Lowdown Tag x

As you may have seen from my makeup collection posts my collection of lipsticks could be described as being somewhat excessive so I only thought it was right that I did the 'Lip Lowdown' Tag where I answer a bunch of tag questions and talk you through some of the various lipsticks I own. 

1. Best packaging on a Lip Product
Without a shadow of a doubt this has got to be my Charlotte Olympia for Mac Lipstick. The Clear design is something I've never seen before on a lipstick so has to be awarded best packaging. 

2. Favourite Lip Finish (matte/gloss/satin etc)
The Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolors have been a recent discovery of mine and were mentioned in my May Love List but the finish is incredible as its a matte so is long lasting but is still not drying on the lips its a win win. 

3. Most and Least Pigmented Lip Shades
The most pigmented would go to the Revlon Apocalips especially this dark plum colour and the least pigmented would be the Bourjois Rouge Edition Souffle De velvets. The Bourjois Rouge Edition Souffle De velvets are meant to be sheer so that's why they come under the least pigmented as for the apocalips particularly this dark plum colour is very bold and striking and looks gorgeous in the colder months. 

4. Everyday Lip Shade
Whenever I can't decide what lipstick to wear I always reach for Mac Fast Play as its a great neutral colour that goes with pretty much anything. Its a creme sheen formula so is really glossy looking and just a good lipstick to put on as you're rushing gout of the door. 

5. Party Lip Shade
For the party shade I went for a bright red from Bella Piere. This ruby lipstick was in a glossy box a few months ago and I have absolutely loved it. It smells amazing and the colour is beautiful. A great option for anyone wanting to make a statement. 

6. Regret purchasing
100% has to be the MUA Matte Lipsticks. They do not glide well on the lips, they are quite patchy so hard to build an even coverage and just generally very drying. 

7. Least used Lip Shade
I personally love this colour but it is so bright I have never been confident enough to pull it off. No 7 Gay Geranium is a bright and I mean bright orange shade which you never know I may try to pull off this year.

8. Most used, would never let go of
Chubby sticks are a great option for lazy days where you can't be bothered with that whole lipstick thing but still want to look pulled together. The Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush Chubby Sticks are great because they are lovely colours and smell of vanilla. I have 8 in total as I love them so much but these are the 3 I reach for most. 

9. Favorite Lipstick brand
I think realistically this has got to be Mac as I always find myself picking them up to add to my collection. I have a little wish list of all the shades I want from Mac and think they are great quality and not too bad a price compared to some more luxury brands. 

10. Greatest Lip discovery of the year
I had never really seen a Kiko shop before this year but only heard about it on Youtube. So when I saw a Kiko store in Westfield Shopping Centre I had to go in and pick up a lipstick which A) is such a pretty summer colour and B) has one of the most fun packaging I have ever seen. I would highly recommend checking the shop out if you're ever in the London area. 

11. Fave Autumn Winter Shade
Maybelline Divine Wine is a shade I wear to death in the winter months as it really gives you that vampy berry lips look that is always on trend at that time of the year. It's pretty affordable and good pigmentation as well and dries down to a matte finish. 

12. Fave Spring/Summer Shade
In the summer I love to wear brighter lips and Max Factor Pink Brandy is one of my favourites. It's really flattering on my skin tone and is just the right level of brightness that its not too much but still adds a nice pop of colour. 

13. Most expensive Lip Product
At £26 my YSL Rouge Volupte Shine won this one by miles. Yes it was a very pricey purchase but it was so so so worth it. I love everything about this lipstick from the colour to the packaging and the scent it is truly a beautiful lipstick. 

14. Least expensive Lip Product
I am a huge fan of the MUA Lipsticks (not the matte ones) as they are £1 each but have the pigmentation of something 10 times the price. I have a few shades but I really love this one called vintage rouge. 

15. Lip Product Wish List 
My makeup wishlist is something that is ever growing however Mac Velvet Teddy (£15.50, right) and Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Velvet Underground (£23, left) are definitely up there. 
Here are swatches of all the lip products I own mentioned in this post:
Left to right: Mac Charlotte Olymia Scarlett Starlett, Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor, Rimmel Apocalips, Bourjois Rouge edition souffle de velvet, Mac Fast Play, Bellapiere Ruby, MUA Fawn Fancy, MUA Lilac Belle, MUA Wild Berry, No 7 Gay Geranium, Rimmel Colour Rush sticks X3 (name has worn off the packaging)
Left to Right: Mac Lustering, Mac Viva Glam Ariana grande,  Mac Sunny Seoul, Mac  Dare You, Mac Plumful, Mac Hang Up, Kiko Glossy Dream 210, Maybelline Divine Wine, Max Factor Pink Brandy, YSL Rouge Volupte Shine 9, MUA Vintage Rouge

So that was the Lip Lowdown tag. I hope you liked this little look through my lip collection and make sure you answer the tag questions yourself either on your own blog or in the comments below.

Until Next Time...

Meg x