Sunday, July 10, 2016

June Love List x

I feel like these blog posts come around way too fast but anyway its that time again so here it is my June Love List. Enjoy. 

What I watched:
This month saw the return of Orange is the new black and Pretty Little Liars New Seasons and boy I was not disappointed. I had forgotten just how good both these shows are and would recommend either to anyone. Particularly OITNB is perfect for summer because it is a Netflix original series so all this seasons episodes have been released allowing you to binge watch at your leisure.

What I snapped:
This month I went to my 6th Pangaea and absolutely loved it once again. I love this picture of myself and my housemate Tom before we went because I think it captures the care free attitude of a bunch of students who had just finished all their exams and work for the year. 

Who I loved:
June is the month of fathers day so this one has got to go to my amazing dad. Not only is he the best dad in the world (It's not biased its a fact) he is such an inspiration to me and if I'm ever 1/2 as good at what I end up doing as he is I will be a very lucky girl. 

What I wore: 
While in Madrid I got to wear some more summer-ry items that wouldn't necessarily get that much wear in the UK. I loved this outfit that I wore which was a white crop top, denim jacket, navy long skirt with a slit up it, metallic sunglasses and Nike trainers. I think the addition of the trainers and glasses made this look really contemporary but still very summery and nice to wear. 

What I did (how I spent my free time):
This month I really got stuck back into my Youtube channel and have really been enjoying it. If you haven't checked it out make sure you do I release a new video every sunday and hopefully will be able to continue growing my channel.

What I ate:
While in Madrid myself and my friends went out for Tapas which I have never really had before but highly enjoyed ordering a selection of tapas and having little tasters of a range of different dishes. A very good option for anyone who likes to try food or is very indecisive. 

What I drank: 
The only drink that got me through revision was the new Vimto Remix. It's tropical and all round sugary goodness. In my opinion I think I'm going to put it out there that I actually prefer it to the original so will definitely be stocking up next time I find it in a shop. 

Where I went: 
June was a very busy month with regard to different events but one that stuck out was Parklife. I went last year but for some reason had so much more fun this time around. I loved all the acts and if you want to check it out I vlogged the whole thing that is up on my Youtube channel. 

What I heard:
This was a toss up between 2 so I thought I'd include both as they are 2 very different songs. The first is Charlie Puth feat. Selena Gomez 'We don't talk anymore'. This just makes me think of summer and is really catchy. The other is "One Day More" from the Les Miserables musical. I have no idea why but I have just loved listening to this over and over again. 

What I used: 
This was so easy to decide because it is perhaps one of my favourite makeup items I have ever bought. It had to go to my Marc Jacobs Lolita palette for its share luxuriousness. Not only the but now I have changed my hair colour (see below) it really suits my new aesthetic. 

What I achieved (most proud of):
This month I am so proud of my Revision efforts. This year I do feel as though I did try my best in all of my exams and gave it my all so now as I wait for the results I can wait and feel proud that I did all I could to do as well as I possibly could. 

What I re-lived: 
Last year in June was my brothers end of year 11 prom and signified the whole ferguson family no longer being at QES anymore. It also just shows how far both of us have come since then and is a really poignant memory. 

What I was influenced by: 
The quote for this month just represents the end of a University year and with all my friends leaving to go on placement it really is a new beginning for me. 

What I accessorised with: 
It's not really an accessory but this month I drastically changed up my hair colour. I have gone for a platinum blonde/silver tone which is really different for me but I love it.

What I smelt: 
How can you go on holiday without smelling a billion perfumes. I actually ended up picking up the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Scent because it reminds me of summer and holidays and is a gorgeous scent that is really long lasting. 

So that was my June Love List, I hope you liked it. If you want to keep up to date with all my goings on make sure you give those social media links a click. 

Until Next Time...

Meg x