Sunday, July 03, 2016

Madrid Haul x

As you may have seen from my earlier posts I recently went to Madrid with some of my University friends and may have done a little spot of shopping while I was there. My main purchases were makeup which I will get onto in a second but I also purchased a few sweets that are hard to get hold of in the UK such as the Haribo Sandia (Watermelon Slices), Haribo Favoritos (Strawberry Flavour) €1.50 each and a Chupa Chups Watermelon Lolly (€0.50). Accessories wise I bought a Longchamps lookalike bag for €9.99 and some really fun metallic sunglasses for €6. Now onto la creme de la creme the makeup and the main source of my spending. I firstly got an Elle magazine to read on the plane which came with the new mini goof proof eyebrow pencil from Benefit. The packaging of this is amazing and so is the formula however as I got it in a magazine I didn't realise you could choose the shade and so unfortunately mine is a tad dark but hopefully I can still make use of it somewhere. Next up was the Urban Decay Matte Lipcolour in Blackmail. The lovely spanish lady who served me in El Corte Ingles was wearing this shade and it looked amazing on her whats more the lipsticks were on sale for €11 so I thought I'd pick one up as in UK money that would make it £8.67 rather than retail price of £15. On my travels I also found a Kiko shop which I have decided I love. In there I picked up 2 items the first being a lip liner or approximately £2.50 and a pencil lip gloss for £3.90 which reminded me of the metal finish lip colours from Kylie Jenner so I thought I'd pick it up and give it a go. My final item was the big guns and it was a Marc Jacobs eye palette from Sephora. Firstly I have never been to a Sephora before so I really loved the experience of it and genuinely had my bank allowed it could of spent millions in there but I had to restrain myself and so just picked up the 1 item. I have wanted the lolita palette for a while now and so seized my opportunity to get my hands on it at €55 it isn't the cheapest of purchases but it is so luxurious and the pigmentation is to die for so in my eyes is 100% worth it. And finally (I forgot to put this in my initial photo but I will tell you any way) I picked up the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Perfume because it really is the perfect holiday scent and just reminds me of the beach and the sun and all things holiday. I believe this cost around £45 but can't be 100% sure but is definitely worth a sniff if you ever go past it. 

Below are swatches of all the makeup items (L-R goof proof brow, lip liner, lip gloss pencil, Blackmail Lipstick, 7X Lolita Shades)

With Flash
Without Flash
   So those are all the items I picked up in Madrid I hope you liked this new style of haul layout and if you did make sure to let me know in the comments below. Other than that

See you next time

Meg x