Sunday, July 24, 2016

Pamper Night Routine x

Whether it be a long day at work, a long day at school/college or uni or just a long day in general everyone deserves a pamper every now and again and its really good for you so I thought I'd talk you through my Pamper evening routine. 

The first thing I like to do is grab myself a guilteeee drink. This particular time I went for a strawberry milkshake but whatever floats your boat just go for it. I then run a bath while I decide on a playlist to listen to.

In the bath I put some of Zoellas bath latte to create huge bubbles and some of the bath salts to add extra scent. I also like to add some candles just to create a really relaxing ambiance. The playlist I went for was totally tropical house but depending on your mood you can tailor this to you. 

Whilst in the bath I like to listen to the music I chose and relax for a few minutes before using the Grounded Coffee scrub to exfoliate. If you have not tried this scrub yet it honestly will change your life and leave you feeling silky smooth.

The next step is to apply a body moisturiser which in this instance I went for the Zoella Double Creme. Next is the face. I first wash off any makeup using my trusty Liz Earle cleanse and polish to give me a nice clean base to work on. 

I then use a consortium of various facial products to really pamper the skin.

My newest find is the Konjac sponge which is used to lightly exfoliate the face. I then apply Urban Veda Hydrating toner as well as Noxi Doxi serum base and teoxane skin resurfacer. I then apply the origins ginzing moisturiser and the No7 eye balm. 

Post brushing of teeth the next step is to snuggle down into bed and watch an episode or two of your favourite series which for me at the moment is pretty little liars. 

Just before going to sleep I then apply my lollipop delicieuse lip balm and lancome night mask which will work overnight to moisturise my skin ready for the next day.

And that is my evening pamper routine. I hope you liked it and it gives you an idea of what I like to do after a long day of work.

Until next time...

Meg x