Sunday, September 25, 2016

Top Fashion Faux Pas!

As you can tell by the title this post is going to be all the things I think should be made illegal in terms of fashion. Let's be real, I get that "Fashion is expressive" and everyone should be able to express their own personality through their clothes (I mean I have studied it for 2 years!) but some things are just plain weird in my eyes. But this post is just some things that make my skin crawl and personally cannot deal with.

1. Socks and Sandals
Separate, these 2 items do not bother me. Socks are very useful and sandals I can get on board with but the combination of the 2 is something that I hate. My brother and dad both do because they know just how much it annoys me. Who do you think you are? Jesus? By wearing socks you are therefore defeating the object of wearing sandals in the first place so go take them off and put some trainers on. 

2. Double Denim
Now I know this has been considered a 'trend' (in the loosest sense of the word) in the past but this is yet another thing I hate. I just think it ends up looking like a walking pile of denim. Not good. 

3. Foundation Lines
This isn't a clothing thing per say but the foundation lines on some people my word looks like they just went and dipped their faces into their foundation and left it. BLENDING people, maybe try it?

4. Long Socks
Now I know that this one is very much just me who thinks this but by long socks I don't mean knee high socks or anything like that because sometimes they're quite useful. By 'long socks' I actually mean normal socks but anything longer than a trainer sock I cannot stand. If you looked in my wardrobe I literally have like 1 pair of long socks which to be honest I never wear anyway.

5. Fishnets
For fancy dress purposes I can allow these but that is it! I just think the whole look of them is very stuck in the past and that is where it should stay!

6. Too much animal print
Now don't get me wrong I am a fan of a cheeky pop of animal print like a tee or something but its when you literally have a leopard tee, with leopard shoes, snake bag, and zebra jacket that it screams fashion faux pas. You end up looking like a walking zoo which I promise you now is not a good thing.

7. Neons
Again for fancy dress I can allow but the amount of people that still wander around in fluorescent yellow tops baffles me. I get that that was 'trendy' in 2000 or whatever but it's time to move on.

8. Cringey Word Tops
This one is very personally judged as some things I can tolerate but its when you have tops that say things like 'goals' on. I have still no idea what the point is, you may as well be wearing a top that says I'm with stupid with an arrow pointing to yourself because it is neither cool nor funny.

9. Crocs
Back in the day these were fab for the beach and the likes (I'm talking when I was a very little kid) but now you couldn't even pay me to wear a pair. So why do I STILL see people walking round in them. I feel like dragging them to primark and being like here are some normal shoes wear them please.

10. And finally anyone who doesn't stand tall in what they are wearing
It's all very good me saying this is not good blah blah blah but I'm sure other people would say the same about my clothes. However I think as long as you stand tall and are proud of yourself people will have respect for you and your outfit choices and you never know you may inspire the next fashion craze.

Until Next Time...

Meg x