Sunday, October 23, 2016

Pangaea Costumes over the years x

Today I was reminiscing about the various Pangaeas that I have been to and thought It'd be fun to do a post showing you the various costumes I have put together and the themes and just chat a bit about the festival itself. Pangaea is the largest student festival in the UK and is based at and around the University of manchester Campus. It happens 3 times a year and is always amazing. There are a range of acts to see and then other things like a silent disco and food vans and igloos with DJ's its really jam-packed and always a good night. So thats a little bit about the festival itself lets get onto the various themes I have been to. 

Year 1 September- Rumble in the Jungle
As this was the first Pangaea I really had no idea what to expect. This one was definitely my least ambitious outfit as really all I did was a couple of leopard spots on my face and some ears but still I fit with the whole jungle theme so it was all good. 

Year 1 January- Space Odyssey 
For this one I was very ambitious and went as a Katy Perry ET alien type thing which was really fun to do. The headliner for this one was Rae Morris as well which was really good. If I could re-do this outfit I would probably choose a different top as in hindsight it was quite revealing but I had fun regardless. 

Year 1 June - Disco Apocalypse
For this Pangaea I actually went to the effort of having plaited hair all day to get crimped hair and as always glitter had to feature on the Pangaea outfit. The headliner for this one was sister sledge which was so much fun and I had no idea I even knew so many of their songs. 

Year 2 September - Return to Neverland 
This one has to go down as one of my favourite Pangaeas for sure. I loved dressing up as Tinkerbell and the headliners for this one was Example (who I LOVE). It was so much fun and there were a lot of really good outfits about. 

Year 2 January - Retro Games
This was also one of my favourites as this time we did a pair costume so me and Dom went as Mario and Luigi which was really fun. The headliner for this was Katy B which was really good too and had a great time. 

Year 2 June - Carnival
I think as themes went this one was one of the hardest as carnival didn't really leave that many options. However I donned my feather headgear and jazzy shorts and was away. Unfortunately we missed the headliner for this one but I wasn't that bothered as I had a great time anyway. 

Year 3 September- Down The Rabbit Hole 
And finally my latest pangaea which definitely goes up there with my favourites. I went as the queen of hearts and the headliners were Fuse ODG and Ella Eyre. And once again had an amazing time.

Hopefully this post may have given some of you some fancy dress inspiration and if you get the chance to go to Pangaea I highly recommend it. 

Until next time...

Meg x