Sunday, October 02, 2016

September Favourites X

It's that time again and I still have no idea how the months go by so quickly. Anyway as usual I'm going to talk  you through the items I've been loving over the month of September. 

This month has been filled with favourites that are not necessarily products to show you but I will get onto that later. 

September marked the start of my 3rd and final year at uni (scary stuff huh) so one of my favourites is just being back in Manchester itself. For me it has definitely become a home away from home which I love. I have also been so lucky as to be offered a position at the one and only Selfridges (squeals) so I'm going to have to put that into my favourites too. 

Products wise I actually haven't tried that many new products this month mainly because now it has hit term time I am back on the good old student budget. However I have recently been using the L'oreal Superliner which has completely converted me from a liquid liner to a pen liner girl and also have been literally in love with the Urban Decay Mooniest Palette. My god if you love glitter that Palette is 100% for you and I'd definitely recommend a swatch of it.

As for clothing I have weirdly been enjoying wearing fitness leggings. Some of you may think what is the point if you're not going to the gym but honestly they are so god damn comfy its amazing. I also have been loving frilly socks again as I think they add a really cute and preppy edge to an outfit. 

Now for the big guns the entertainment category. I have recently been trying to read more because I realised I hadn't read a book in over a year so I thought I'd start with a good light hearted one and went for Charlotte Crosby Me Me Me which is hilarious. If you want a read that makes you laugh and in shock at the same time this is the one for you. It is a tad rude which if you've ever watched Geordie Shore is understandable but it is a genuinely hilarious read. For my TV Picks I have of course been watching the classic Great British Bake Off (GBBO) which sad times is moving to channel 4 and losing mary, mel and sue (*cries*). I have also loved strictly coming back, hunted coming back, celebrity juice and am getting so very excited for the return of the apprentice.

My final favourite has got to be my amazing friends Dom and Sarah. They probably won't see this but they definitely deserve a mention as they have 100% been there for me through a difficult time of getting used to a new lot of housemates and my very quick decision to return back to uni. I also had the best time with them at Pangaea which was amazing. 

So that was my September favourites, a bit of a random favourites but still my favourites none the less. 

Until next time, 

Meg x