Sunday, November 20, 2016

Cornwall x

So for any of you that didn't know I recently made a trip to the other side of the country to visit one of my best friends who is living there over this year. One thing I loved about Cornwall was just how picturesque it was, it really was as if you'd walked into a postcard and everywhere was just so cute and quaint which was lovely. I had a great time and it was really nice to take a little break from my usual ridiculously busy schedule so here is what I got up to over the few days I was in St Austell, Cornwall. 

Day 1: Day 1 started in good old Manchester where I got a train to the Airport then a flight from Manchester to Newquay. And for any of you ever being tempted by in country flights (by that I mean from one UK airport to another UK airport) then I would 100% recommend. My flight took 45 minutes which would usually be a 5+ hr train trip! What's more because I booked so far in advance my flight actually was cheaper than the train and the airports (despite me stressing about not knowing where to go) were very easy to navigate. As this was my first ever flight on my own (scary stuff and hence explains the stressing mentioned above) I got to the airport really early just in case everything went wrong. I went straight through security and through to the passenger lounge where I picked up some lunch and had a look around duty free (I mean it would be criminal not to at least have a look). Then I boarded my plane and once in the air ordered a chai tea. But as the flight was so quick I barely had any time to finish my drink so top tip don't get a drink unless you can down it. I reached Newquay and Abi was stood waiting for me and I just couldn't really believe I'd made it on my own. Yes I technically hadn't left the country but I thought it was a big achievement. Abi then drove me back to her house. In the evening we cooked a meal together and got lots of yummy treats to watch TV with. We caught up on the Apprentice and Michael Buble at the BBC before watching Black Mirror and heading to Sleep. 

Me at the Train Station 
Day 2: The morning of Day 2 myself and Abi woke up and we made pancakes for breakfast. We then headed out in the Green machine (This is Abi's car by the way which is the most amazing bright green colour you have ever seen) and we made our way over to a little sea side village type place called Charlestown (which for the majority of the day I thought she was saying ChildsTown). This little place was so so cute with a mini dock and loads of seaside houses which like I said earlier was just like you'd stepped into a postcard. 

Me in Charlestown
The sassiest seagull  
The beautiful Charlestown
After we had explored Charlestown for a little while we hopped back in the van and travelled to Mevagissey on the south coast. This again was another lovely little seaside town where we explored a couple of shops and I introduced Abi to the wonder that is traffic light lollies in a really classic old fashioned sweet shop. 
Me in the Mevagissey Harbour
Mevagissey's own mini Lighthouse
Me enjoying the seaside
 After Mevagissey we headed back to Abi's as Abi had to take a call and I wanted to change out of my boots for this evening. I watched a spot of TV with a cuppa and then we got ready to head back out again but this time we got the train over to Truro (mainly so that we could both have a couple of cheeky bevs). Truro is Cornwalls only city (given it's city status not because of it's size but because it owns a chapel apparently) and is a really cute city but still would have all the shops you'd need it's even getting a Primark soon. Myself and Abi had a cheeky drink in Wetherspoons before meeting 2 of Abi's work friends that we went to the Fireworks with. The fireworks were set over a lake which would of been really cool if we could see past the crowd but the fireworks were good anyway. We also got a Pastey for tea (I mean when in Cornwall and what not). After the firework show we went into the pub where yep you guessed it we had another cheeky drink and some chips before heading home. 
Bright lights in the not so big city
Fireworks of Truro
Bevs anyone?

Day 3: Without being biased day 3 was definitely my favourite of my trip. We woke up and had the remainder of the pancake mix we'd made yesterday for our breakfast and then headed over to Newquay. We explored a few of the shops in Newquay which is such a surf town that a lot of the shops are either surf rental stores or surf gear or something similar. The main reason we headed over to Newquay was because I was to have my very own Surf Lesson (baring in mind I have never surfed in my life). 

Newquay Views
Seaside Heaven
Me trying to be effortless and failing
We went onto Fistral Beach where I was suited and booted in a winter wet suit, boots and gloves as well as a board. My instructor Liam (who for any surf fans out there is actually one of the Judges at BUCS) went through all the technique on the sand and it all sounded simple enough. Boy was I wrong. One things for sure I will from now onwards appreciate how hard it is to surf but I gave it a good stab. I fell off the board many many times but I did actually manage to stand up once (which unfortunately was the one attempt Abi did not catch on camera). I don't think Liam had ever had a surf student scream so much but hey what would I be if I didn't bring a little drama to my surf lesson. Afterwards I dried off and then me and Abi went to a really cute cafe called The Beached Lamb. I had a Hot Chocolate and some Nachos which were delicious. Then we drove back to Abi's so that I could fully dry my hair and get ready for the evening. 

Me catching a wave 
The most girly surfer in the world
The Beached Lamb
 After I had dried my hair and got all warm again we got ready to go out to another set of fireworks this time to Bodmin fireworks which were extraordinary as they were set to music such as Harry Potter and Star Wars which I loved. I also was really excited because this set of fireworks symbolised 3 years in a row I had celebrated Bonfire Night with Abi which if you think about it is kinda cute. Bodmin fireworks also had a bonfire and all the classic bonfire foods like hotdogs and candy floss which I obviously had to sample before heading home again. 

The most amazing Firework show
A really edgy and abstract picture of the bonfire
 Day 4: Day 4 was the day I would leave Cornwall and I honestly didn't want to come back to Manchester because Cornwall was so much more peaceful and mainly while I was in Cornwall I didn't have to think about any of my responsibilities like Uni or my job. Before I left we went back to Charlestown and found a really nice little cafe place where we got maple and fruit pancakes with a milkshake for brunch before I went to the Airport. If you have never been to Newquay airport it is possibly one of the tiniest airports ever which I loved as it made departing very very simple. While in the airport I had another pasty (for old times sake) and an Appletizer and then boarded the plane. On the plane I had 2 seats to myself which was a result and again the flight was so quick you could of blinked and you'd have missed it. Once back on good old Manchester turf I got a train back home and then unpacked. 

The drive to the Airport 
Bye Bye Cornwall
So that was everything I got up to in the lovely county of Cornwall and would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to get away from the City for a while. 

Until next time ...

Meg x