Sunday, November 13, 2016

Juggling Uni, a Job, and Extracurricular Activities Tips! How does she do it?

If you didn't already know I am a very busy lady. That's not me being cocky it it 100% the truth. If I take a look at my diary there are usually a couple of 1 hour gaps here and there but every other moment tends to be very much blocked out. While at Uni I also have a weekend job, I am Treasurer of a society, I am a PASS Coordinator (which for those who don't know is basically a scheme where second years help first years facilitate their first year learning at uni, well I'm in charge of the second years that run the scheme in a nutshell), I have a Youtube Channel and of course write this blog so it is fair to say my time is like gold dust. Therefore I thought it'd be useful for me to share with you my top 5 tips for effective time management. 

1. Buy a Diary! - The amount of people I bump into at Uni that don't have a diary baffles me. Imagine trying to remember all the times, rooms, deadlines for all the above just in your head?! Is that giving you a headache because it is for me just thinking about it. Writing everything means you don't have to store that information in your head freeing up space (makes it sound like a suitcase or something but you get the gist) for you to think about things that are actually productive.

2. Prioritise! - Sometimes there really aren't enough hours in the day and thats ok that is when prioritisation comes into play. In your head or on paper create a list of all the activities you do and think about which comes first if you had to suddenly only choose 1. In my case Uni comes first, then my job then all the extra bits and bobs. By doing this you can really work out how much free time to spend on what and so you don't end up wasting hours on a less important task and neglecting your essay thats due in a week (eek)!

3. Set your working hours! - Just because your at Uni doesn't mean you can't have work hours. Your time table may say you're only in for 2 hours on a Tuesday but why can't you make that a full day. Uni is about independent study so instead of lounging about watching Netflix why not actually get up and go to Uni get some work done and then you've freed yourself up an evening to do whatever you please. 

4. Separate work and home!- I don't know about you but if I ever try to do work in my room I will inevitably just go to sleep and nap which I will tell you now is the enemy of effective time management. I like to either have a separate room in a house for work or if that's not possible then there are plenty of places like libraries or work spaces you can go that will really help promote productivity. While there you will find you get much more done because you're not thinking about sleep or anything to distract.

5. And finally give yourself an occasional break! - You may think you can work crazy hours every day but trust me now you are not a superhero. The best chance you can give yourself of being able to do everything you want is to have some time where you are shut off. For example in an evening after I have done work I reward myself with an hour tv programme or writing blog posts with music *I am so not doing that right now*. It's so important to shut off sometimes to help you maintain your momentum when it really matters. 

So those were some of the tips I have for effective time management and hopefully you found them useful.

Until next time

Meg x