Saturday, December 24, 2016

12 Days of Christmas 2016 - Day 12 x

For the final day of 12 days of Christmas I thought I would talk you through what I have been and will be up to my plans for the next few days.

23rd December- The 23rd of December starts with a very early morning (6am to be precise to be in work from 8-4:30) as I am on the early shift at work. After my shift I got the bus back to my house in Manchester where my dad will be ready to pick me up and whisk me away back to Yorkshire for Christmas.

24th December- It feels so good to say that I get to spend Christmas eve at home because for a while I didn't know my Christmas shifts. So seeing as though I will be at home Christmas eve will be spent in town with my family with a glass of prosecco firmly in my hand. I will then be heading back to my house most likely have a few more drinks before heading to bed before Christmas day. 

25th December- The 25th marks the big day and so I will most likely get up early to open my presents with my family and then help my dad and mum prepare for my family coming over. 

26th December- The 26th is usually spent with my family but this year I will be working the boxing day shift and so my dad will be bringing me back up to manchester in the morning due to their being no trains. I will do my shift from 12-8:30 and then head back to my manchester house where I will stay for the 27th and 28th, the 28th being my last shift of 2016. 

29th December- The 29th I will then be taking a train back to yorkshire where I will stay for the rest of the festive period to celebrate the end of the year and the new year with my family and friends. 

And then its onwards and upwards to 2017! 

Let me know in the comments what you will be up to over christmas and I hope you all have a lovely Christmas spent with loved ones whoever they may be.

Until next time

Meg x