Thursday, December 15, 2016

12 Days of Christmas 2016 - Day 3 x

For my 3rd Day of Gracey Meg 12 Days of Christmas I'm bringing you a shameless promo post. But before you click of this post just hear me out. 

As part of my University degree I (along with 5 other team members) have to set up a functioning business for a year! (crazy I know). So obviously today I am here to promote said business, my baby if you will.


I present to you Robyn&Robin. Robyn&Robin is a new and exciting unisex accessories brand that is blurring the lines set by other brands. Our product is personalised monogrammed scarves in a range of 3 designs and colours (think Burberry with a twist only cheaper).

Our scarves are 100% Merino Wool and are priced at a very competitive £35 for the quality we provide. We have 3 color ways all with different unisex names to highlight the fact our scarves are for anyone irrelevant of gender. These names are Jamie, Charlie and Billie and all of them can be personalised with initials free of charge. 

What's more they all come gift boxes and packaged making them the ultimate Christmas gift.

I know this blog is only small but if any of you want to check out our business or even place an order it would mean the world. I have provided all the links to our social media and website below and it'd be great if you could check them out.

Until next time 

Meg x