Sunday, December 18, 2016

12 Days of Christmas 2016 - Day 6 x

I know people say there's more to Christmas than the gift giving but lets be honest the presents are a big part so I'm here to help you get it right! My first gift guide will be for 'Secret Santa' gifts from £0-£15. 

1. The World's smallest bottle of sparkling wine! £12.99 available here. 
Alcohol is always a safe bet for Secret Santa but it's even better when it comes in super cute packaging!

2. NPW Pet Selfie Set! £6.50 available here 
Anyone who doesn't find this somewhat entertaining needs to lighten up a little. Imagine how much fun Christmas day will be when you can take super hilarious selfies of your pets. 

3. Vanilla Chai festive Tin £15.00 available here
Body shop products are always a great shout for Secret Santas because it's pretty hard to go wrong with it. What's more the scent is so yummy that whoever you get it for is bound to love it. 

4. Piccadilly Sweet Parade Prosecco Bon Bons £5.00 available here 
Everybody loves sweets yes? Everyone loves Prosecco yes? Well there is no need for debate with these Prosecco Bon Bons. 

5. Zoella Travel Mug & Gloves Set £14.00 available here 
Not going to lie I'd be pretty happy if I got this under my tree. The marble patterning is so on trend right now and would be a really good present for someone who's always on the go. 

6. A5 Customisable Cinematic Light Box £13.00 available here 
This gift is so on trend and what's more you can personalise it to the person you're giving it to so looks even better. 

So that's my 'Secret Santa' gift guide for 2016! Keep your eyes peeled for more gift guides coming soon. 

Until next time...

Meg x