Sunday, January 15, 2017

2017 New Year Resolutions X

As is tradition todays blog post will outline my new years resolutions for the year ahead. I usually do this post as a means of keeping myself accountable for my new years resolutions but also as a source of inspiration if you have yet to come up with your own.

I also wanted to take a really quick moment to thank every single person who has supported the gracey-meg channels whether it be this blog my youtube, social media or a combination of the 3. The gracey-meg family wouldn't be what it is today without you all so a massive thank you has to go to all of you. I also hope the coming year will bring much more fun and exciting content to my channels which I hope you enjoy.

Anyways without further ado lets's get on with the resolutions ...

1) I think I write this one every year but this year I actually have something to work towards. Of course it is the stereotypical "get fit" resolution but as I plan on going on holiday with my friend this year this one actually needs to be fulfilled. Myself and my housemate are planning of starting the gym so hopefully that will give me the motivation I need to get fit.

2) Number 2 is to continue working as hard as possible towards my degree. If this past semester has taught me anything is that hard work well and truly pays of for those who have earned it and so the next semester I aim to continue that hard work to come out with the best degree I can.

3) Is to focus a lot more on my health. When I say this it mainly means food as at the moment I eat so badly its horrendous but it also encompasses looking after myself mentally. I have tendency to overstretch myself at times which isn't always the best approach so this semester I definitely want to reduce this.

4) To treat myself more often. My aim for this is to ban chocolate and sweet treats so that whenever I have them they are more of a real treat than a necessity. I also want to continue getting acrylic nails. Vain I know but I really do love it and if I spend my money on something like that rather than stuff I don't need then I think all around I will be considerably happier during 2017.

5) To fill out a happiness diary. During 2017 I have 2 diaries 1 is going to be for what everyone else uses as a diary and my second is going to be used to write down 3 good things that have happened every day. By doing this I hope to become more grateful of the good things in life and to give myself the ability to look at the negative in perspective to the good.

So those are my 5 resolutions for 2017. Let's see just how long they last.

For those of you who have set resolutions yourself, good luck and feel free to let me know what they are and how you are getting on with them .

Until next time ...

Meg x