Sunday, February 05, 2017

Post Exam Madness

First things first congratulations to anyone who's just finished January exam season. Myself and practically the whole university have been frantically trying to cram learn information in time for exams. Then the second you walk out of the exam that information you spent so long learning instantly vanishes from your head but you just don't care because the end of exams notoriously means the rest of the exam season is a massive party. So basically todays blog post is to simply tell you all the things I got up to post exams. 

Wednesday 25th January: The 25th was the big day a 3 hour strategy exam which quite frankly I was absolutely dreading. What made it worse was it was an afternoon exam so started at 2pm meaning we would have to wait around in the morning (which for me inevitably meant I slowly got more and more stressed about the exam). The exam actually went better than expected but I was so elated it was over that I didn't really care even if it had gone wrong. Myself and a group of my course mates headed over to the notorious Curry Mile in manchester to a restaurant called Ziya's (Which I have been informed is the best one on curry mile). While at Ziya's we got some food, I had a Chicken Corma, Rice, Pashwari Naan, Popadoms and seeing it was the end of exams it only felt right to get a sahara sunset cocktail to go with. After our meal we then made our way to the Font in Fallowfield, well known for it's ridiculously cheap cocktails (I mean £2, anyone can afford to get drunk there). I had a bottle of wine to share with my friend but somehow definitely ended up drinking 3/4 of it so by the time I walked home I was quite drunk. I for some reason rang my friend Dom, chatted to her drunkenly for approximately an hour then headed to bed. 
Free at last!
Don't mind if we do!
Thursday 26th January: Thursday marked the first day of my freedom (or mini holiday) so I took the opportunity to head into town and do a spot of shopping. When I say a spot of shopping what I really mean is a ridiculous amount of shopping (even ridiculous for my standards!). Next I totted over to my friends Ella's where we got ready to go to Club Liv in the evening. If I do say myself as a 4 we looked pretty knockout and had such a good laugh both at pres at my other friends house and at the club itself. 
Club Liv
Friday 27th January: Friday I awoke and surprise surprise had a lovely headache-y hangover as a reminder of the night before. After getting myself together I made my way to The Richmond Tea Rooms which are such a hidden gem its unreal. It's a cafe thats all alice in wonderland themed with the most beautiful decor and delicious food. I met my friend Heather and we both got food (I had smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, aka the perfect hangover cure) and got drinks (I had vanilla chai tea). After my little tea outing I planned on coming home snuggling up in bed and watching a film but my housemate and her friend had other plans for me. I ended up going to the Ram with them. If you've never been to the Ram in Fallowfield it is definitely an experience. It's a bit dingy and so cheap but also such a good laugh. They had music and everyone was dancing and all together was just a really nice night. 
Richmond Tearooms
Pre-Ram Drinks
Saturday 28th January: Saturday I had a nice lie in and then in the early afternoon had to go to the train station to meet my friend Thea who had come up to Manchester for the weekend. We went to Wahaka and got some food while we had a good old catch up. We then had a little mooch in boots and primark with both of us coming out with near identical purchases and then said our goodbyes (for the time being that is). I then had to have a really quick turn around and got the bus back to mine, packed my bags to stay at Sarah's that evening as well as all the makeup and hair things I would need for Pangaea that evening. We had a pizza for tea (which turned out as more of a cake but was delicious either way), then we got ready for Pangaea with this Pangaea's theme being "The land before time". At around 11 we got the bus to the students union and had such a good time at Panagaea. The music was really different but good, particularly Riot Jazz who were so good and unique I would highly recommend checking them out. We ended up staying until around 4:30/5am but were so cold we decided to get a taxi home with one of the strangest taxi drivers ever. Not strange in a bad way but just funny. I remember him playing the radio and Rockabye by Sean Paul & Sia came on and him saying "what does rockabye mean?". Anyway after our taxi ride we got home and fell asleep instantly. 
Pangaea Land Before Time
Sunday 29th January: If this wasn't the definition of a cheat day I don't know what is. I had a huge lie in because I was shattered from Pangaea and for Brunch/Breakfast I got a McDonalds on my way back to my house from Sarah's. I then chilled most of the day, catching up on Dance Dance Dance and having a cheeky nap. In the evening my house ordered a takeaway so we all had either Chinese or a Curry while watching a film together. I then went to bed to sleep and prep myself for the hell that would be a Monday 9am lecture and the reality of having to start semester 2. 

And that is everything I got up to in my crazy little party week and boy was it a good week. I had the best time seeing and spending time with my friends and made so many good memories. I'll admit it has left me rather tired and with a voice that sounds like a husky cat, however I enjoyed every second of it and am now excited for the coming semester. 

Until next time...

Meg x